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A Celebration of Yesteryears Past


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“History is not the past but a map of the past, drawn from a particular point of view, to be useful to the modern traveler.”




The curiosity of one’s past comes in an innate way as we all often ask ourselves where did we come from? Who am I and what has led to me being here and living on this very day? I have  often found myself thinking such things as of late. The curiosity within me gnaws at my mind like an insatiable hunger that drives me towards the answers I have not yet reached. And thus, I find myself within my little shop amidst all of my books which only tell part of my story - my past and all that has occurred to accumulate up to my very being and presence. 


It is with great honor that I announce, on behalf of the Court of Monterosa, that the Kingdom of Balian shall host a ball of history so that we all may come together and celebrate our mutual pasts and presents. May we educate ourselves on those who have done our family wrong and right and those who have perhaps become forgotten, only to be rediscovered through the pursuit of knowledge. All those in attendance shall don the clothing of someone from your past, either of recent history or those of long forgotten tales. You are encouraged to bring a story and engage in dancing and merriment all while acting like your character of the past. Perhaps bridges may be built which did not have the chance many centuries ago, or foes may meet once more to relive their battles and triumphs of yore. 







The United Kingdom of Aaun 

The Duel Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska 

The Kingdom of Norland 

The Grand Kingdom of Urguan

The Vale of Nevaehlan 

The Silver State of Haelun’or 

The Principality of Nor’Asath

The Crown of Amaethea 







Her Royal Highness, Princess Elena Casimira, The Princess Royal of Balian, Countess of Rosemoor





Date: Friday, March 17th @5:00 PM Est/10:00 PM GMT

Location: The Palatio Monterosa Atrus, Balian


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