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Duchy of Adria - New Player Guide


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The coat of arms for the Duchy of Adria



The Duchy of Adria, most commonly called Adria, is an entity that has existed throughout the ages. The current leader of Adria is Duke Heinrik I Sarkozic, at his side exists the Council of Orel, each councilor leading a specific sphere.


Adria was first founded in the 14th century, arguably reaching its prime and fall in Ves in the 17th century. Despite the way it fell in Ves, there are many who still fondly remember the time of Adria and Ves. Adria mostly welcomes all races, as long as they cause no trouble.



The government of the Duchy of Adria is rather unique, as it is ruled by a Duke, who is elected by a special duma, whose electors are the leaders of the various leaders of the Karovic houses.


The Duke of Adria is accountable to the Franciscan Articles, a legal document which details the laws, privileges and bylaws of the Duchy and the Duke. The Duchy of Adria is considered feudal elective, oftentimes called a ‘Dumacracy’ either way, Adria has a unique government as the Duke-elect has the liberty to do much himself, but some things require the approval of the duma, such as; declaring war or the creation of new taxes.



The Duma is an assembly of estates tasked with carrying out judgement on matters pertaining to the Duchy. It consists of two representatives from every demesne within the Duchy, and the City of Velec has four representatives. The head of the Duma is the Chancellor, appointed by the Duke and who by all means is his representative, including in the Duma. The Duma has the final say on laws, wars, alliances, and treaties.




The Duke and Chancellor listening to a citizen address the Duma.




Between the temperate eastern coast and sky-biting peaks of the Arentanian Alps, the tips of the Blackwoods’ many conifers hide the settlement of Velec. Grown organically from the various refugee camps established after the Acrean rebellion, the town stretches lazily through the valley of the Reden river. Its fields are sown in the fertile ground low down and its relatively humble ducal palace, St. Emalyne, reigns above it on rocky cliffs. Between these two limes, the various districts of the town were erected.


A view into Velec with Varoche district and Lil’ Raev in full view

Franciscan Square
The bustling heart of the town. It’s where you will find the town hall, the all-important tavern; The Basking Turtle and the marketplace, where you’ll find many diverse stores and stalls, each selling a variety of goods, such as; baked goods, books, potions, ingredients and of course armour and weapons! Finally, the aviary and bank are found in the Franciscan square just by the town hall.

Lil’ Raev
The timber-built quarter of Velec is mostly reserved for the Host of Saint Arpad. The architecture there is remarkably Raevir, hence the name; Little Raev. The quarter has a handful of stalls, a blacksmith and Saint Waldo’s boarding house where weary travellers might get themselves a drink, some food and a good bed for the night and continue to explore Adria the next day.

Church District
Just past the bridge from Franciscan Square is the Church district which contains the Church of Our Mother of Paradisus, an attached graveyard and a few houses easily capable of a large family. Further east lies the festival grounds.

Foundry District

The district that houses all the industry and artisans in Velec. Here you’ll be able to find a lumber mill, the ‘iron will’ forge, and the famed cannon foundry. Otherwise, there are elegant houses in the area, which all sport at least four floors. Right by the gate is the Hospital of Saint Catherine, which also houses the Saint Catherine’s Medical Society. Inside the hospital is what is expected. Opposite the Hospital, one will find Ser Tybis’ Bastille, the home of the Greycloaks, Adria’s first line of defence and law enforcement. The large area has a sizable training field, stables and a barracks, which are off-limits.

Varoche District
Heading in the opposite direction, south. One will reach Varoche district, the well-to-do quarter inside the city and the rural outskirts around St. Catherine’s Gate. Beginning with past the walls, the estates there are reserved for those well-off, two prime examples being the namesake of the district the Varoches and then the Alderbergs. The outskirts are the majority of timber and hay. The places of interest there are the Boring Boar and the hunters guild.



A quiet night in the Foundry District



Through many years of displacement and tribulation, the term ‘Adrian’ has come to refer less to a unified language and culture than an eclectic melting pot. Even back in the forgotten city squares of Belvitz or Ves one could have expected merchants conversing in pidgin, Imperial heralds prattling off edicts in half-understood Flexio, and humble farmers and laborers speaking their ancestral tongues.


Without the social mortar of shared origin, Adrians are left to define themselves by shared expressions and observances. The archetypal ‘good Adrian’ is a studied legalist, patron and participant in the arts, and an inveterate drunkard all at once. A rich tradition of theater is woven into the history of the nation, cemented into legend with the blood of the martyred


The Adrians pride themselves on their defense of liberty and the rule of law. The Gradic Rights, originally a charter of privileges for the citizens of Belvitz, have become enshrined in popular consciousness as an assurance of the rights for every free citizen. 



The enclave of Lil’Raev home of the Raevir people beneath Ivanovich


With serfdom eliminated from the City of Velec and only a few landowners in Adria, many citizens turn to the guilds, each specializing in a craft or trade. As members of the guilds, citizens are afforded special privileges and protections under their guild.


As of writing this there exist six guilds; the Cooks, merchants, smiths, medics, hunters and apothecaries & alchemists guilds. Each of the guilds have a unique history and way of operation, but they all wish to participate in the Adrian society and develop its economy.





In a bountiful land such as Adria, there are bound to be problems that arise which require a firm hand to resolve. It is the Greycloaks, the ducal retinue, which see to the protection of the free city and its citizens. They are entrusted to keep the peace and often venture out of the safety of the city to face the threats head-on! Becoming a Greycloak is easy, one must merely speak to the Marshal. Candidates need not have prior experience, the capable officers will rise to the task and train the new Greycloaks.

The Greycloak Watch; The O'Rourke Reforms - The Greycloak Watch - The Lord Of The Craft



A contingent of Greycloaks assembled at the city hearth, before the city’s completion



There can be no doubt that no city or fiefdom can be led by one man or woman. The free city of Velec is no different, the leader of Velec is elected by popular vote every four years, named the Maer. The Maer then appoints capable stewards and clerks, to help in the running of a bustling city. To keep the Maer in check are the Aldermen, elected and selected members of the city’s population.


The first one will without a doubt see when entering the city, is Saint Emalyensburg, the ducal keep. The ducal household requires servants of all types to see to the proper function of the keep and household. In the keep exist smaller administrative offices, such as the Lady Concierge, Lords and ladies-in-waiting, which include specific titles such as; the Court Screamer, bard and vintner. Many find purpose and fulfillment in these humble offices.



Denizens of Adria in St. Catherine’s Square during the 1912 Municipal Elections



Canonism is the one and only faith in Adria, all others are considered heretical. It encourages its faithful to live a Virtuous life, which means staying true to its moral laws revealed in the Scroll of Virtue. The Church always encourages those passionate in faith and studious to further learn of God and become priests, who through dedication to God may become bishops and cardinals.



The Duke of Adria being crowned by the High Pontiff.




Adria is located within the close region of the major Almaris avenues, situated along the Eastfleet-Vienne Kingsroad. If following the northern Eastfleet road after entering the Eastfleet warp, it can be reached within a short one to two minutes run. 

[1687, -8]





Beamon4 (Heinrik I - Duke of Adria)

Illuminare (Sigismond Varoche - Lord Chancellor of Adria)

GajaTheMessiah (Stefan Euler - Maer of Velec)

Vylkmir (Charles Varoche - City clerk)

Jonificus (Mithius Dalma - Alderman)

Smol_bean0 (Allessandra de Vend - Governess)

Nectorist (Joseph Vasile - Marshal of the Greycloaks)

Asutto (Alysanne O'Rourke - Sergeant of the Greycloaks)


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