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Alisgrad's Main Armory needs an Alchemist


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There is very little alchemists in Norland, and I need a worthy one.


I craft and smith a lot of RP items, both stock and custom-made, and I'd need an alchemist to set-up shop and trade with me.

I own one of the best plots in Alisgrad and people enjoy my items, but I lack stock and range, for that I'm looking for someone that can do those two things :


Having a stock of different potions to sell in shop

Be cool

(optional) If you have any special potions I could apply for my custom orders, that interests me too


I don't want any percentage for the place, just partnership and help pay rent if you wish.


I also want to expand some day shops that aren't only in Alisgrad or at least be able to have a stock in stands at special events.

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