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Issued on the 9th of Harren's Folley, 1916





In the month of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1916, Archduchess Renilde I and Prince Marius Audemar welcomed their two children to the world after a successful term and labour - a boy and a girl respectively. After a few days of deliberation, the Archducal couple have bestowed names upon them: Paul Alexander and Winifred Adalia.

To celebrate their birth, the Commonwealth of Petra will undergo festivities for three consecutive months filled with hope, joy and promise. Many events will be in place for peaceful citizens of the realm to come together and forget the weariness of ongoing conflicts.




Starting off the celebrations, the religious sacrament of baptism shall be performed in the Chapel of St. Emma on the Archducal children.

The Passing of the Lambs
A newfound practice to the Commonwealth, the passing of the lambs is heavily symbolic of new life and prosperity to all in Petra. Two lambs bred from the best stock shall be selected and dyed red & black before being presented before the Archducal house. Like a sheep later on in its life providing wool, milk and eventually meat, the twins shall go on to support the nation with their skills and best assets as the newer generation. 


Market Venturing
Market stalls shall be in place for people to buy Petran goods - florists, merchants, bakers. The tavern, The Two Cats Tavern & Inn, will be open for all to take a drink! 





Drunken Brawl
Hosted by Sir Wolfgang ‘The Tenacious’ de Vilain, allied citizens across the realm shall be brawling it out until the last man standing. Each contestant will be asked to drink beforehand until they are tipsy or fully drunk, before stepping into the pit. Knights shall be on standby should there be a disruption/disturbance.


The prize of this drunken brawl is a hefty 200 mina and a coveted title of the 'Petran Iron Warrior'.


Cheese Roll
A tradition founded by Acreans many years ago, a cheese roll will start from the heights of Mount Garmont and tumble down to the bottom of the square. Participants shall roll the wheel down until the winner crosses the finish line. The infamous ‘Cheesebeast’ shall be made in honour of the Harvest Confederacy long ago for the occasion. 


The prize for the winner of the cheese roll will win an unlimited supply of free treats from Little Acre bakery, as well as the Cheesebeast itself.





As the finale approaches to the three-month long festival celebrations, a feast is to commence in Castle Estenpromé. Food shall be locally sourced by the infamous Little Acre bakery, with the Archduchess' favourite buttermilk cake as the centrepiece to the dinner.

Lantern Ceremony
Lake Providence will be the home to the end of the festival, where boats will be provided if one wishes to sail out in the middle. Available for purchase will be lanterns that will be set off into the sky - symbolising the coming light and hope from the twins' birth.




King Georg I and the citizens of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska…

King Charlie I and the citizens of the United Kingdom of Aaun...

King Agnor Grandaxe and the citizens of the Kingdom of Urguan...
The Silver Lubba Mika Anarion and the citizens of the Most Serene State of Lurin...
Princess Valyris and the citizens of the Principality of Celia'nor...
King Cyris I and the citizens of the Shiredom of Bywater...


Petra, Flowing Water! Ave! Ave!


Her Grace, Renilde I, By the Grace of God,
Archduchess of the Commonwealth of the Petra, Countess of Temesch et Moere, Marchiness of the East March, Hero of the Petra

His Highness, Prince Marius Audemar,
Prince of Hanseti-Ruska, Archduke-consort of the Commonwealth of the Petra, Duke of Markev, Count-consort of Temesch et Moere, Governor of the Silver Isle, Hero of the Petra

Her Excellency, Dame Anne 'The Benevolent' de Vilain,
Chamberlain of  the River Court, Baroness-consort of Acre, Co-owner of Little Acre bakery


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Said Wolfgang de Vilain

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"I cannot fricken wait." The Archduchess held the Petran-Haeseni babies in her arms, only sometimes succumbing to their devoted father's pleas to cradle his 'little warriors'.

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Magnolia Fiddleberry, Shire Wizard, recent Queen, and 60 year running cheesemaker of the Shire, rejects the notion that the Acreans (whoever they are) invented cheese-rolling, as this is a time honoured halfling tradition as well! However, she resolves to attend if only to prove her own might at cheese-rolling (and because her husband was invited). The drunken brawl sounded appealing as well.

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