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Requisition Request

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A private letter was sent to the correspondence of one Alysanne Serena,

"Hello Alysanne,

As you may know, I have been participating in Northern efforts against the Mori'Quessir with a small, hand-picked team. I would be remiss to not state the precarious nature of the Northern frontline due to the Mori'Quessir's strength and Norland's lack thereof. 

Alisgrad itself was besieged by the Mori'Quessir. This indicates that the enemy is confident in their capability to secure their supply lines and has the manpower available in the North to last in a war of attrition. Nothing that has currently occurred in the North dissuades me from believing that this is an unchanged fact. 

Without a change, let me reiterate, Norland’s defeat and the oncoming instability that it’d provide to the North is an imminent threat. This is why I have come to you to request logistical necessities for changing the situation at large. This is a threefold request of: Equipment, support personnel, and foodstuff.

Equipment represents not only munitions but also armours and other items used on missions; Support personnel are officers, medical personnel, maintenance crews; And foodstuff is self-explanatory. This will all require the security of supply-lines.

These are required as a result of my intention to begin sabotaging supply lines and working to disrupt the Mori'Quessir's ability of waging war, trying to lessen the attritional burden in the North.

Let me know if you have any questions,
Alfie Fabius.”


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