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The Haelun'or Gazette - Vol. I

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The Haelun’or Gazette

Published the 6th of the Deep Cold, Y. 123 SA.

Vol. I

Recent News -


The other day, a very strange and filthy mali’ame was stopped within Haelun’ors square. An enraged source states that this ‘ame was endangering an oem’ii with a filthy creature they carried upon their person. Others claim that the ‘ame was ridden with bugs and diseases due to their filth, one even going as far as to recreate the scene in a drawing. One of the oem’ii present, Carallia Maeyr’onn, had begun to choke and gag at the mere scent of the woman as she ran past in an attempt to avoid the sillumir present. Soon after, the mali’ame was banished from the lands but not before a few choice words were spoken by Sohaer Luthien Maeyr’onn. Multiple witnesses to this event can attest to the beloved leader losing her patience and calling this pest-ridden woman an ‘ata. 


Another strange thing is that many new faces are appearing within the grand walls of the Silver State, particularly from the elven nation Celia’nor. Numerous accounts of these mali’thill roaming the streets of Haelun’or may be cause for suspicion, are they truly harmless or should citizens have some concern?


Apparently these newcomers are cause for concern as two individuals, one being a mere oem’ii, were caught attempting to break into a home to do Larihei knows what. They were apprehended by sillumirs Parir’acal Maeyr’onn and Phandelver, though the former seemed to be eager to jump to extremes. The sillumir suggested taking the two to a trial for their actions, but was quickly shut down by Phandelver. It seems as though the two were forced to clean the guards barracks as a punishment instead.


On a much brighter note, it has been heard that the Council is considering the rebirth of the Uhieran for all the young oem’iian to flourish when not involved with their studies.


Whispers in the Wind - Haelun’ors Gossip Column


It has been heard that Curunir Maeyr’onn is in kahoots with none other than a Celia’nor citizen. He was seen taking them in not through the main gates for processing, but rather through the citizen gates. It was heard that Seth Calith himself had stepped in to sort things out as gatekeeper Soris went to confirm the woman had indeed been processed before. Many believe that Curunir’s actions could threaten the safety of the people, but was there some motive behind them? Perhaps even an attraction?


It seems that another mali’aheral is gaining some traction by attempting a rather unorthodox means of business. Dakaith Araaloq is apparently trying to open and run a casino within Haelun’or, though he has not gotten approval to do so just yet. 


There is quite a bit of tension in the air, namely between two individuals named Knox, a mali'ker, and Grimm, a human man. The two bickered back and forth, seemingly trying to impress a woman by the name of Liu Chen. Are they both smitten with the woman, or perhaps are they merely trying to show off their masculinity and utterly failing?


Who is...


Who is the most attractive man or woman in Haelun’or? 


Who is the best dressed individual?


Who is the most hated?


Write your answers and place them within the dropbox located in the square. The results of each poll will be announced in the next edition of the Haelun’or Gazette.


Have anything you’d like to see/add?

Wish to bring something to light?

Use the Gazette dropbox!



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Phandelver stands in the tavern alongside his fellow citizens as they all lean toward the bar counter to read the Gazette. As Caelius the bartender gasped, Phandelver grinned from pointy ear to pointy ear. "This is fantastic!"

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Unironically good.


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"Hmm, strangely not the first time our beloved sohaer has let primal feelings get in the way of higher thoughts and deeds." The youthful lad clad in his toga returns from fishing, reading the paper between dives in those warm seas for beautiful silvery pearls

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"I Love the Silver City," exclaimed Chef Miravaris.

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