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~ The Trill Family ~




~ Bio ~

"T'e Trills? A fine addi' ion t' the Shire, for sure, bu' no' sure abou' all t'at... 'fisheh business' t'ey usualleh ge' up to..."

- A halfling, probably, when asked about the Trill Family.


The Trills are an unorthodox family of Halflings branching off from Eldon Trill Sr, first of his name. Eldon was an adventurous lad from birth, and his rambunctious lifestyle caused many Halflings to fall under his lineage. The Trills are a mixed bag, hailing from all over with traces of different Halfling families mixed in, so you never really know what to expect when you meet one for the first time. This document will help you understand the background of the Trill's, their appearance, their tendencies and their beliefs.




~ Appearance ~

Since first generation Trills spread over different relationships, the descendants of Eldon Trill Sr can be quite different. Generally, they all have a shade of light brown curly hair, green eyes and fair skin- but do not count on this to identify a Trill. Similarly, the other physical genetics like height will be different among all Trill's- but they are usually a medium height for a Halfling.




~ Tendencies ~

Adventure calls a Trill like steam toots from a teapot. A Trill will be the first to run into a rat cave, running shortly out after being spooked by their own shadow. Their adventurous nature is short-felt at their usual tendencies to be easily spooked. You can surely find a Trill hiding in their burrow during Knox-o-ween or curled up in a ball in a hot air balloon. A Trill's burrow may not seem the tidiest at first but everything is placed for a reason. Under carpets and in the walls, secret doors lead to rooms where the Trill's undergo their ancestors traditions to please Arugula. Not only this but a way to escape, the Trill's are no stranger to having someone knocking down their door.




~ Beliefs ~

Arugula has been part of the Trill's 'rituals' ever since Eldon Jr settled in Honeyhill. The worshiping of Arugula at that time was looked down on by some Halflings, so they worked in secret. This tradition has been passed down through the generations, whilst now performing rituals to please Arugula is more ordinary. A Trill always makes sure to go above and beyond for Arugula, their ancestors drilled it into them that they must please Arugula to keep all Halflings safe.




~ Lineage ~

Eldon Trill Sr (Played) - Presumed Dead

Eldon Trill Jr (Played) - Presumed Dead

Rosaline 'Rose' Trill (Played) - Presumed Dead

Elyse Trill (Played) - Presumed Dead

Tito Trill (Played) - Alive

family echo




~ Contact ~

If you'd like to play a Trill, contact rushork#7231 on discord.

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