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Construction of A Church at Swan's Keep

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Construction of A Church at

Swan's Keep




Issued by


On the 26th day of Joma and Umund of 478 E.S.




Months in the Underdak without a place of worship have left the people of Haense deprived of temples where they may pray and rest in solace in front of GODAN. To this end, the settlement of Swan’s Keep has constructed a church so that the people would have a safe place to pray!


This Church has been named after High Pontiff Clement III, and fresh spring water from the mountains flows into a basin for all visitors to refresh themselves with, just as prayer will grant our minds refreshment from the torturous conditions of the Underdark.


We invite all clergymen to come and consecrate this church, for the sake of the people, and for it to be used freely for their sermons.


[!] Various depictions of the Church






Lord Ser Sterling Percy Amador, Knight of the Marian Retinue, Vice Emissar, Court Astrologer, Master of Agriculture, Lord of Swan’s Keep, The Swan


Lady Allessandra de Vend, Custodian of the Morrivi Court, Caretaker of Morrivi Prikaz Library, The Librarian,  Owner of Secret Garden Bookstore, Regent of Swan’s Keep


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The Temple of the Great Villager, primary faith of Christmantown, does not approve.

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