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Sorcerer's of Hohkmat: Affirmation of a Lord-Magister

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The City-States of Hohkmat

Affirmation to the Chamber of Lord-Magisters


The Hakad expect the greatest talent among the magi to rise to their station, not by birth but instead by their merit. Among the magi, none are more known and so far spanning as those of the Guild of Mages. Among them, perhaps few so talented and so long standing as the dwarf-sorcerer whose fate we now bind to the nation. 

The following Sorcerer has demanded their seat of power and subjugated the people of Hohkmat to their will - and I affirm that the following cannot be denied their seat, their House elevated to that of a Great Magi House.

I. Lord-Magister Kalgrimmor, he who has seen the rise and fall. 

I charge the new Lord-Magister to rule his demesne befitting of his station, bringing the axioms of the Guild of Mages into a force of law for those who choose to reside within his care. To propel us into a coming age of sorcery in these troubling times of trauma and upheaval. Lastly, to mind the history of those who have carelessly seen to seek power through shortcuts, as we bring forth the nations latent power to the forefront. 

I bind him to my will, and that of the nations,and they are now a master in their own right. 


The fates bind us


Grand-Magister Razad the Fatebinder,
Sorcerer-King of Hohkmat, Hierophant of the Mysteries

(OOC: Interested in our little Mageocracy, we are building the group and are looking to join the server in force in 9.0 - come on down! )


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[!] The prophet of Ka'tau grimaces upon seeing the notice from the Mageocracy. He crumples up his copy of the paper and tosses it to the ground, then proceeding to walk the sandy dunes of the Overworld. The beaming sun inspires confidence in the spiritualist as he mulls over what he read.


"These sorcerers of Keop continue to openly defy Ka'tau and make a mockery of old Rah'mun language. All bindings are shattered by the wings of Ahura-Ma, and all sorceries are ruined by the power of Hesthor. I will not allow Keop to get a stronghold in the promised lands as he did in Almaris. NO, these lands belong to the Divine Three and their spiritual heirs, and no one else."


[!] Atemu continued his walk, the beaming sunlight pouring down upon him as he continued deliberation...

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