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By Decree of the Exiled Kingdom of the Barrowlands

To all the honorable monarchs, esteemed nobles, and cherished citizens of the Kingdoms of Failor,


We, the ruling sovereigns of the Exiled Kingdom of the Barrowlands, rise today to proclaim a momentous occasion that shall forever shape the future of our united lands. In the wake of our glorious victory over the abominable Redclyfian Baby-Eating hordes of the north, we gather with hearts brimming with pride and gratitude to introduce a new era of prosperity and unity.


Henceforth, we shall inaugurate a new currency, forged in the fires of our triumph and blessed by the auspices of fortune, bearing the name "Failorian Penny." With unwavering confidence, we decree that the Failorian Penny shall replace the outdated "UnderMinas" as the standardized currency for all the Kingdoms of Failor. Through this currency, we seek to bind our realms ever closer, forging an unbreakable bond that transcends borders and strengthens our shared identity.


The Failorian Penny, a gleaming testament to our collective resilience and unity, shall be minted in pure gold and infused with the profound symbols of our shared history. Adorning one side of this precious coin, you shall find the resplendent sigil of House Arthalionath, a noble lineage that exemplifies the valor and unwavering dedication to our cherished lands. This sigil shall stand as an emblem of strength, growth, and prosperity.


On the reverse side of the Failorian Penny, we proudly depict the countenance of our beloved Crown-Princess Caraneth Aryantë Arthalion, the epitome of grace, wisdom, and unwavering leadership. Her face, sculpted with the utmost artistry, serves as a reminder of the visionary path we have embarked upon, guided by her sagacity and unwavering commitment to the welfare of our people.


The Bank of Minas Amath, a paragon of financial acumen and custodian of our economic stability, shall be entrusted with the minting, distribution, and regulation of the Failorian Penny. Its esteemed keepers shall ensure that this currency flows seamlessly through our markets, fostering prosperity, and fueling the growth of our kingdoms.

From this moment forth, let it be known that the Failorian Penny shall be accepted as the sole medium of exchange throughout the Kingdoms of Failor. Its use shall bring forth a new era of economic stability, facilitating trade, and enhancing the harmonious cooperation between our realms.


We extend an open invitation to all our cherished subjects and esteemed allies to embrace the Failorian Penny as a symbol of our shared victory and boundless potential. Let its golden gleam illuminate the path to a future where our kingdoms stand united, unyielding in the face of adversity and thriving in the embrace of shared prosperity.

Together, let us celebrate this momentous occasion and the dawn of a new era for the Kingdoms of Failor!


His Royal Majesty by the Grace of GOD, Tar-Uriel, 

King and Protector of the Adunians, Lord of the Barrowlands, Chieftain of the Faithful Harren’hil, Templar of the Archangel Michael, Knight of the Realm


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The Wandering Merchant wonders about the economic implications of him adopting this new currency.  "Could pro'lly sell more carro's this way, hm."

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