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The Last Baroness-Consort of Ghastenwald [PK]

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The Last Baroness-Consort of Ghastenwald

 British School, 18th Century | A Portrait of Lady Diana Sinclair | MutualArt

[!] Her Ladyship Maeve Isobel Morovar’s last portrait made in 1898


In the late days of Karosgrad an elderly lady rocked on a chair, Maeve Morovar had always lived in comfort even after her late husband's title was dissolved; she was still a noble, daughter of a Princess and a Baruch. Maeve had much time to consider her fate, her children grown and moved out, or left in the graves beside her beloved husband Leopold. Time had taken a hold of her children, this house.. Maeve looked around herself, the walls of The Barony of Ghastenwald lay beside her, though their ranks dissolved, Maeve had come time to time to sit in it's comfort. 

It wouldn't be long now


Maeve sighed, the Mori had already taken over the city, her home and precious children dead or fleeing from its gruesome sights. Those who fled alive.. Maesie, Amity, Juliya, Arjen, Feodora, Franz, Isabel, Andrik, Kareina, Leonora, Casimira.. And the ones who had died… Wilhelm, Markus, Frederik, Iona.. Then the one child.. She’d never speak of, she'd never tell and never utter a word of.. Yvaine.. The bastard child Maeve wouldn't claim, she had failed her daughter and sent her away to a foreign place never to see her again. Yvaine.. She was dead..

Maeve Morovar looked to the walls of her former barony, a light smile displaced on her visage, the wrinkles of her elderly years formed and folding her expression. 

She was next


After Leopold died and Wilhelm dissolved the Morovar title, Maeve fled her ranks of the courts and traveled, just as Leopold and her had done before the children. Just as she and him would’ve done if they hadn't had a barony to run. She truly loved her husband and prayed every night that he might come see her again, that he might take her home. To the seven skies where she belonged. 

She stood up pacing the grounds


To flee, with her children into her motherland, to race away from the spiders.. She was too  frail to fight and couldn't get out that quickly. She would hold them down, yes she would hold them back, decided the Baroness.

No.. No no no, they would help her escape they would help her flee-

Maeve looked at the portrait on the wall, her late husband and all of her children.. Almost all of them, except for Iona and Yvaine, the two hadn't made it in. She couldn't leave.. No, they were still here. They had built this. This was her home. Maeve couldn't face it, she couldn't leave again.. She missed them. She missed Wilhelms banter, and Leopold’s stoic laugh. She craved her lovely Iona who had died at the age of three from a sickness. She couldn't leave them, not now.

The walls of the barony were built too high, she couldn't face to see them broken down.

Maeve limped across the great hall, collecting a few weapons she’d had.

Her actronach arm still had a ring engraved with “L+M” 

 She would never leave


Maeve took in a breath and padded outside, her sword lay at the end of her rocking chair and a glass of whiskey beside her. 

The mori would be coming soon


She could feel the time aching her knees and tearing her hair to gray ends and wispy beginnings. 

“Leopold dear, do you think we could have more time together after this is over?” the former baroness-consort asked a sniffle in her tone “I know you can see me, you could always see them.. The monsters and ghosts.. The creatures that are dead and alive..” she croaked a few tears sliding down her cheek 

“I'm scared.. I know you're there but.. What if it's not true.. What if you are gone.. For good?” she asked choking on her words 

“T-tell Wilhelm I'm sorry, would you? My babej boy.. I should've cared for Adalia.. both of them.. He was right, she's a sweet girl.. our son..He was an angel..” she let out a quiet sob as she wiped at the tears “And tell the girls, Amity and Maesie, I love them.. I love them so much..” she asked while taking a sip of the whiskey

Noises sounded from the ground of the forests


“My dear.. I’ve come to learn.. I am the end of something great.. But.. we are the beginning of something new.” she let out a half-laugh half-cry as her glossy eyes reached the sky and her hand reached down for the sword, a hard task at picking it up however manageable. 

“I know my time is near, and I can't bear to leave this place.. All the memories.. All the love and laughter.. My love.. I cannot bear to leave you.. I can't bear it at all.” she croaked out another sob as she stood up finishing the glass of whiskey 


“I cannot leave behind..My children



It had only been a few hours since Maeve accepted her fate that Mori stormed the fallen Ghastenwald. As the spider creatures had crawled in and explored the home smelling for the mortal within its great walls.. A fire had started, the kitchen was on fire.. The doors locked as the baroness was killed, however the few mori that came to kill her had been trapped inside. The flames bellowed from chimneys.. The great Barony of Ghastenwald was no more, and with it, Maeve was at rest.




On the journey away from the mortal world into the skies, Maeve was greeted by a shrouding light. Confusion and worry held tightly to her stomach perhaps things would be perfect, perhaps.. Things would be strange.. The light lifted slightly, and the worry eased from the woman. Both her son and husband were there. 

“How.. I’ve missed you..” 

The Lady whispered out to the glowing lights of the heavens. Her eldest son Wilhelm, and her only true love Leopold waited at blinding lights between the earth and seven skies. Leaving Maeve in a final state of peace. 


5th of Wzuvar Ag Byvca E.A 479


[!] A bird would reach the living children of Maeve and Leopold Morovar, once the caverns had opened and there was land to roam. The letter would disclose the fate of Maeve Morovar in her final days. 


Dear, my babej’s and Hauchbabej’s ive sadly never been able to see,

"I have chosen to stay mea babejs ahm szam for telling vy this way. By the time mea bird reaches vy ea will have been gone for a few months. Ea love vy all dearly.. and wish for mea children and grandchildren to live on prosperously.”


Her ladyship, Maeve Isobel Morovar





Ooc: Though I'd wrap up Maeve’s story officially, She was a lovely character. I'm so thankful I got to play her even though she was older when I started on her. Thank you to everyone who was a part of her life and the many generations of Maeve’s kids and grandkids that live on.


some shout outs include @HogoBojo @CanadaMatt @EleventhSoldier @Sio   @Kitomine   @xMuted  @Diogen 


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Amity sat upon the surface of Failor, the piece of paper beside her. Her mother grew distant when her father died, the girl leaving her home and moving to Hyspia at the mere age of twelve. There she found a new family, with her husband and children. Though her lack of parental figures growing up rings clear in her ears. Here, in the new world, she heard the news of her mothers passing. A great sorrow befalling her. "Vy never even got to meet them.. say hola to Esper for mae.. to Cesar.. to papej and Wilhelm.. all I have left is Laurelie." And with that, the woman burst into tears. All of the loss she has faced in her fourty years of life all crashing down on top of her. She missed both of her fathers, her brothers and sisters, Wilhelm dying the day after she confessed to her now husband, her first daughter at the young age of ten. And now her own mother. All this loss.. it makes her ask a simple question. "How much more of this can I take?"

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