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The Oath of Tar-Númenatâr


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The Oath of Tar-Númenatâr
The sacred oath of Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor of the Arthalionath, King of the Adunians, and First King of Númendil, sworn upon the summit of the White Mountain, Alkayaban.

“Let the deeds I act out now be better than those who came before me. Folk of Harren or Blood of the Middlemen, or the Race of Malin, or any other, I swear this. I reject the designs of the enemy and the doom of men, which is guile and covetousness. Great bounty I have been given here, and it is enough. 


I shall not fear death, for the love of the Creator is upon me, and the Archangel vests in me the courage to see great deeds through until my part is played. Ever that His eyes might be upon me, I shall endeavor to prove myself worthy of His love, and the station which He has charged me.

For this I swear, ever shall be a foe of His foes, be they Dragonspawn or Betrayer’s Brood, or things beyond the circles of this world. I shall broker no pact with them, and I shall accept no peace save their utter defeat. May Darkness consume my House should I falter in this oath.

Creator, remember my vow.”

Thus shall be sworn anew upon the coming of age of every Númenedan, or by a monarch upon ascending the White Throne.

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