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An Olive Branch To Diplomacy

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[!] A missive written in wax-crayon was distributed to the various leaders of the world's nations.

Disaster has struck!



In our attempts at diplomacy we have created three separate web of pacts, because of this the spiders we call friendship are all separated and lonely.


Thusly and semi-immediately at our earliest convenience I am assembling the leaders of every realm, except Yong Ping **** you guys, to meet up in my lovely Shire.

It is here we shall discuss the future of Bravos and the formation of a group dedicated to upholding peace in the realm, the League Of Super Best Friends.


The leader of each realm, and/or one representative are invited to attend the first quad-yearly LSBF meeting to write up the terms of our alliance so that the lonely spiders can all live on one big happy web together and world peace for us non-spider folk.



Packed Lunches will be provided, however no vegan options are available so it is recommended that the Vale brings their own.

Seating is already prepared for each of you, so if you don't attend, you are taking money out of the pockets of my carpenters. Those who bring their own chairs will be ousted.







The first quadranual League Of Super Best Friends meeting will be taking place infront of the ruined Harrenite Castle in Dúnfarthing as pictured below, where we shall discuss the matter of the League in greater depth and officialize the friendship between all Realms, ending war forever


[ X = 3030 Y = 780]



Good question!

We shall meet on the fifth day of the elven week in the eighteenth hour of the stone day. (Friday 6pm EST).

Failure to attend will make us all very very sad, but it's okay. You can join at a later date.


Hugs and kisses. His Majesty King Cyris Collingwood I, Father of Foxes, Liberator of the Frogs, Attorney at law.

Hope to see you there.

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The Grand King of Urguan would try his best to attend, or send a diplomat if need be.

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A High Elf contemplates if Halflings are the real superior race.

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A dull elf of no notable features began to hear ramblings of this league of super best friends. He scoffed whilst tapping his cane against his rather barren shack of an abode. Spouting a rather lengthy sentence of damaging words.


"Incompetent halfings. Until their grippers are hidden in the comfort of socks and their hairy toes locked away then I cannot forsee myself joining such a friendship, I highly doubt other well mannered and respectable elves would either. The stench of their trotters alone would put me off even conversing with one of the rancid little beings. I say they're all just dwarves without common sense." 

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An Elfess princess seemed to….tilt her head Ina bit confusion. She tried to get a better angle of this missive to understand it further. 


“So…. Im almost certain this is a trap to ruin relations. However, im inclined to show this to our high princess and head of diplomacy… they may even have a nice laugh.” She shrugged


@JJosey (Gamma)

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Somehow, somewhere an ancient dwarf manages to simultaneously roll over while in the Odin sleep AND give a thousand yard stare as someone tries for the umpteenth time to form the League of Nations.



In Númendil, Ser Alwyn supports the wee folk in all their endeavors. "GOD bless 'em... There'd sooner be a bombin' at the meetin' than everyone agrees, but good on Cyris for tryin' I 'spose." Off he'd go to deliver the missive to the Tar regardless of his concerns.

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