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Summoning of the Gotrek Folk

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[!] Many letters are sent out into the world trying to reach every Starbreaker out there. Some are posted up in Urguan to notify the clan of this meeting.




Greetings Clan Kin, I hope this letter of summoning reaches you safely and I hope that where ever you are, you are doing well. 


I am summoning you to a gathering of our family, so that we may conduct a meeting to discuss news which I have for all of you. If you can make the travel, I insist you come to the capital of Urguan and reach our clan hall located in the industrial forge of the city. There, I will discuss the reasoning of this letter and the reason I am reaching out to all of you. 


If you do not know who I am, then I am Ulfar of the Elder clan Starbreaker, I am your clan kin, your family by the blood of Gotrek.


Travel swift and travel safe, may the Gods and Ancestors guide you.



Ulfar Starbreaker 





We can discuss meeting day and time in the clan discord.


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Bori was ready when ever, to support his father.


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In a distant place sat an old cave dwarf musing upon the masonry of an ancient dwarven gate, the letter received by a wayward courier, he packed his belongings and began the long journey home. 

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