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The Monarchs of the Kingdom of Balian

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A Completed Study and Report of the Past, Present, and Future Monarchs of the Kingdom of Balian


Written and Edited By:
Lord Casimir Marius Vilac



The King of Balian, or Balianese Monarch, is the absolute ruler and authoritative figure in the Kingdom of Balian. The only authority higher than the Crown is GOD. The King has the final say in all matters of state and has no equal in legal power. 

In order to effectively rule, the King of Balian elects a Duana, originally known as the Ducal Chamber, which is a small, trusted group of individuals that carry out specific tasks in the governance of Balian. The Duana contains the Constable, Legate, Censor, Magister, Procurator, and Amiratus. The Amiratus, or Chief Minister, is the King’s personal advisor and the penultimate authority within the Kingdom. The Amiratus also manages and runs the Duana.

The King of Balian is never seen far away from His Queen. All Queen-Consorts thus far have been of noble lineage and hold equal titles to the King but not equal power in the Kingdom. However, the Consort does hold considerable sway in matters and helps run the kingdom effectively. 

The current ruling family in Balian is House Novellen. Once the Imperial House in the Holy Orenian Empire, the remnants marched South after the Brother’s War and founded the Grand Duchy of Balian under King John I. House Novellen has existed since 1753, after the Union between Joseph I and Anne I, and has a strong future ahead of it.




I King

King John I of Balian

John Casimir Novellen

1817-1900 | 21 B.A. - 33 B.A. | 1867 - 1900



Consort: Gwenyth of Karosgrad

Children: Alexander I, King of Balian, Princess Royal Constantia Irene Novellan, Princess Augustina Therosia Novellen, Countess of Salia, Prince Constantine Antonius Novellen, Archduke of Petra, Princess Persephone Maxima Novellen-Vilac


John Casimir, or John I, was the first King of Balian and the only Grand Duke of the Grand Duchy of Balian. Born in 1817 in the Holy Orenian Empire under the reign of Philip II, he was the second son of Prince Philip Aurelian Novellen, the Heir Apparent of the Empire. The early years of John I were unremarkable, to say the least, and he fell into the background as he was never meant to rule. But rule, he did.


Growing up as a member of the Imperial Household, John Casimir had access to the finest education and became proficient in a multitude of fields, including Military Command, Politics, Economics, and others. However, he had a remarkable prowess for militarism, as was shown in the later years of his life. 


When the War of the Wigs erupted between Oren and Urguan, John served alongside his brother, Philip III, and fought in numerous battles, including the Siege of Haverlock and the Battle of Lower Petra, two major victories for the Imperials. Soon, though, the golden years of the Holy Orenian Empire came to a close after the tragic deaths of John’s brother, Philip III, and his wife. When the Brother’s War erupted between Prince Frederick Novellen and Peter IV, John sided with the Imperialists.


After a decisive battle in New Providence, Peter IV is slain, and John Casimir rallied what little remains of the Imperialist forces. Facing utter defeat from the Royalists, John leads the remnants south, following the Star of Saint Lothar. Crossing oceans and wandering through deserts, John Casimir eventually landed upon a mount, which was named Monterosa. There he declared the formation of a new nation, the Grand Duchy of Balian, and the construction of a new city, Atrus. 


With the help of his Consort, Gwenyth of Atrus, John I built up the city of Atrus and led the Orenian remnants in creating a new haven for all. Still, the new Balianese found backlash and heartache from the original inhabitants of the land: the Nashifah Confederacy.


In what would become known as the War of the Ruffians, the Grand Duchy of Balian, alongside their Norlandic and Hyspian Allies, fought against the Nashifah and secured their foothold in the southern deserts of Almaris. In the aftermath of the war, John continues to develop the Grand Duchy of Balian, implementing the Ducal Chamber and other changes. The Grand Duchy and its citizens flourished in the desert, and soon it would no longer be a Grand Duchy but a Kingdom. 


Finally, in 21 B.A., John Casimir Novellen is coronated as King John I of Balian, beginning his twelve year reign as King. His Queen-Consort, however, became more absent, shying away from the public. Though the two remained loyal till the end of their days, the public rarely saw the Queen-Consort. So much so that it was assumed she perished. John I, unwavering, continued to develop the Kingdom of Balian, issuing land permits to the Noble houses. 


Finally, in 1900, 33 B.A., John I fell ill and became bed-ridden alongside his loyal wife, Gwenyth Anaystasia. John I continued to try and govern the Kingdom alongside his Royal Chamber, but it was in vain. It was the Royal couple’s time to depart. The Queen-Consort passed on, and in the very next hour, the reign of John I, First King and Grand Duke of Balian, came to an end.





II King

King Alexander I of Balian

Alexandros Casimir Novellen

1861-1921 | 33 B.A. - 54 B.A.



Consort: Yelena of Marsana

Children: Adrian I, King of Balian, Prince Alexios Michael Novellen, Count of Pavano, Princess Royal Elena Casimira Novellen de Lyons, Countess of Rosemoor, Princess Lydia Antheia Novellen, Countess of Caluzzo


Alexandros Casimir Novellen, more commonly known as Alexander, was the firstborn child of John I and Gwenyth of Atrus. Born in 1861 in the Holy Orenian Empire, under the reign of Philip III, his childhood was a tumultuous one, filled with wars and violence. Living through near back-to-back wars, Alexander never had the childhood a child deserves. 


At the age of only 7, Alexander and his father, John I, led the Imperialist remnants south to rebuild after the loss of the Brother’s War. After establishing the Grand Duchy of Balian atop Monterosa, Alexander began to adapt to his new life in the South. During his teen years, it was common to see Alexander training with the Company of Balian among its officers. While he never officially took up rank within the Balian military, It was noted that he displayed remarkable proficiency with the bow on horseback. Some may say that Alexander’s training with the Company may have saved his life on numerous occasions. 


Alexander continued to participate in various skirmishes and battles as the Grand Duchy of Balian maintained its foothold in the South. He fought alongside John I in the War of the Ruffians, helping to secure multiple decisive Balian victories.


At a young age, Prince Alexander began to develop feelings for Yelena Lorena vas Ruthern. Yelena had grown up much like Alexander in the shadows of the Brother’s War and retreated to Balian alongside the rest of the Imperialist remnants. As the pair grew closer in the Grand Duchy, they both fell in love and were wed in 1882.


Alexander continued to help with the ruling of Balian, standing in for his father when needed. When the Kingdom of Balian was formed, Alexander took on the role of heir apparent, not to a Grand Duchy but to a kingdom. A king to be. Following the death of King John I in 33 B.A., Alexandros Casimir Novellen ascended the throne as King Alexander I of Balian, thus beginning a twenty-one year reign.


In many ways, Alexander’s reign was marked by peace, justice, and prosperity. After the chaos of his childhood and the chaos that befell the Orenian Empire, Alexander led the kingdom of Balian into an era of opulence. That is, until tales of a vile beast began to spread around the continent. A name that made even the strongest of knights tremble in fear. Cloudbreaker


Thus began one of the largest mobilization efforts in the history of Almaris. A war against the dead was about to be waged. As the forces of Iblees began to enact terror on the lands, the soldier King led the charge against it. Alongside his Duana, Princess Lydia Antheia, and Seneschal Ledicort Vuiller, a covenant was drafted that was named The Atrus Covenant. In one of the most spectacular accomplishments of the Kingdom of Balian, for the first time in what seemed like decades, the Descendants were united. From Urguan to Vortice to the Iron Horde, a united front was built with the singular goal of slaying the undead.


And so, the day came. The sky above Atrus darkened, and the crackling of crimson lightning was seen throughout the desert. The Atrus Covenant stood ready to defend the city. As the Siege began, that vile beast was spotted—a cruel, imposing skeleton of what once might have been a majestic being. Undead flesh hung from the wings and bones of the creature. Teeth, the size of longswords lined it’s jaw, ready to crush a man in seconds. The drake flew towards Atrus, and the fight began. The soldier King stood with his men and even his children, organizing the effort to destroy the evil Cloudbreaker. The Atrus Covenant fought tooth and nail against the undead until, finally, victory was achieved and Atrus was saved from annihilation. King Alexander I had slain a dragon.


Despite the incredible feat of killing the undead, Alexander became known for more than just fighting. After the events of the Siege of Cloudbreaker, the soldier King became no more. Instead, he began a dream. A dream that is shared by his son and heir, Hadrian. The dream of Pax Humanis. Even towards the end of Alexander’s rule, when the Adrian rebellion took place, he never wavered in his dream of peace. In the waning hours of his reign, Alexander I formed a new covenant, or a League. The Canonist League was formed, uniting much of humanity under one banner.


As he grew older, Alexander came down with a terrible disease, much like his father. For two years, Alexander’s son Hadrian and Gaius var Ruthern ran the kingdom. Night befell the Palatio Monterosa in Atrus. Tales began to circulate within the palace that Alexander’s time had come. As his children and close relatives were called up to his room, it became clear what was happening. One by one, the visitors came and went, saying their goodbyes to their King. And as his chest fell still, King Alexander I, ‘the Just,’ of Balian joined his brother, mother, and father.






III King

King Adrian I of Balian

Hadrian Casimir Novellen

28 B.A. - Present | 54 B.A. - Present



Consort: Andromeda of Ba’as

Children: Princess Johanna Casimira Novellen, Princess of Monterosa, Heir Apparent to Balian, Prince Alexander Casimir Novellen, Count of Pontazuro, Princess Sibyl Gwenyth Novellen, Countess of Senna, Princess Eirene Daria Novellen, Countess of Caluzzo, Prince Michael Marcellus Novellen


Hadrian Casimir Novellen, also known as Adrian, is the firstborn child of King Alexander I of Balian and Yelena of Marsana and the current King of Balian. Even with just under ten years of rule, Adrian I has led the people of Balian through some of the most troublesome times. Never far from his Queen-Consort, Andromeda of Ba’as, it is clear that the Kingdom would not be where it is today without their efforts. 


Born in 1895, Hadrian Casimir Novellen lived a relatively peaceful life throughout his childhood, quite the opposite of his father. During the Siege of Cloudbreaker, he and his sister, Lydia, took up arms against the beast and the undead. As Hadrian aged, he became more interested in the arts of alchemy, taking various lessons and learning a variety of skills, becoming one of the most skilled alchemists in the Kingdom of Balian.


During his teenage years, the Prince became acquainted with the newly arrived Princess Andromeda of Ba’as. A striking and elegant figure, Andromeda quickly made a name for herself within the Kingdom and on Hadrian. Approving of the match, King Alexander I of Balian announced in a missive the eventual marriage between Hadrian and Andromeda, which was scheduled for the year 1920, 27 B.A. The wedding and celebrations took place, and it was soon known that Princess Andromeda was with child. 


As the years changed, it became clear that King Alexander would not see another year. Hadrian and Andromeda said their goodbyes to the aging king, and King Alexander passed away. Hadrian Casimir Novellen ascended the Balianese throne as King Adrian I of Balian, beginning his prosperous reign that is still taking place today.


Before the coronation of Adrian I, Andromeda of Ba’as gave birth to the Heir Apparent of Balian, a spry Princess! Princess Johanna Casimira Novellen is set to inherit the Balian throne. 

Adrian continued his father’s wishes, condemning the Adrian Rebellion and continuing to build relations with other nations as well as strengthening the Canonist League. However, the most defining moment of Adrian’s reign thus far is soon to come. Whispers across the continent of Almaris began to surface of a new foe, stronger and more powerful than the undead faced at the Siege of Cloudbreaker. They were soon given a name. The Mori’quessir.


As the Mori Invasion began to carve its way throughout the continent, the descendants banded together once more to put an end to this seemingly impossible foe. Skirmishes and battles were fought all across Almaris as every nation faced the threat with everything they had. But it soon became apparent: The Mori would succeed.


Still, the descendants fought back, even after the Fall of Alisgrad in Norland and other strongholds, until the Mori began knocking at the gates of Atrus. A sandstorm kicked up, and Atrus came under siege. The Mori surged forward, and the Balianese, led by Adrian I, fought back. To some, it was reminiscent of Cloudbreaker. To others, it was hell. As the battle waged on, the Balianese saw that it was to no avail. Where one was killed, two took their place


An evacuation order was announced, and the citizens of the Kingdom took refuge in the ruins of Savoy. That was our last stand against the Mori’quessir. The time grew near, and the descendants gave it their all. Every survivor, soldier, woman, and child fought with everything they had. But it was no use. Adrian I led his people to safety, aboard ships that carried the survivors to new, uncharted waters. After a brief stop on the island of Failor, Balian found its new home on the continent of Aevos. There, King Adrian I and Queen-Consort Andromeda of Ba’as established a new city: Portoregne. 


The Kingdom of Balian is once again growing strong and prosperous. With the Adrian Rebellion resolved, the dream of Pax Humanis is on the horizon. King Adrian I of Balian is only just beginning his reign. With more to come in the future, Balian is entering a new golden age on Aevos.




The Future Queen

Princess Johanna

Johanna Casimira Novellen

54 B.A. - Present



As the Kingdom of Balian looks towards the future beyond King Adrian I, understanding the Heir Apparent to the Balian throne is essential. Princess Johanna Casimira is the current Heir Apparent of Balian and the firstborn child of King Adrian I and Queen-Consort Andromeda of Ba’as. She is set to inherit the throne at the passing of Adrian I. 


Johanna is a young, energetic spirit, often seen running around the square of Portoregne alongside her trusted, furry companion: Tobias the Balianese Panda. In fact, Johanna and Tobias have developed such a trusting relationship that she sometimes rides Tobias like a horse! Johanna has even done this in battle, after chasing off a group of bandits who kidnapped and attempted to murder a traveler. 


Johanna Casimira is not hard to miss. Seldom not in a rush to get somewhere at speed, Johanna often yells “Basho!” to those who aren’t keeping up with her. It is also her battlecry! While still young, Johanna Casimira has begun trainings with Alberic du Loc, a trusted companion and cousin of the King Adrian I. While she is still young, the future of Balian seems to be in good hands.





HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Andromeda Ester of Ba’as, Queen-consort of Balian, Countess of Monteres, Viscountess of Eflen and Anatis, Baroness of Brucca, Valens, Malenos, Goza and Ciavola, Lady of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera.


LORD Casimir Marius Vilac, Patriarch of House Vilac, Camareiro of the Andromedan Court

Ambassador of Balian to the Kingdom of Númendil

Edited by Palatio Arancione
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