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The 7th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1932



The houses of Vilac, Montalt and Galbraith formally challenge the kings, lords, gentry and commoners of Aevos to a contest of chivalry; one that shall test the grit of those who proclaim themselves protectors of the realm.


The tournament - hosted on Adrian grounds - will feature two bouts. The first, being a joust, which will act as a display of the skill and courage of knights will be faced against one another in a showcase of prowess. The second, a melee, will work as a test of valour and teamwork in which fighters combat on foot.


All those who attend shall be treated to a spectacle of bravery and pageantry. The victors shall be awarded with prestige, and all who participate shall be remembered for their courage and prowess. Let all the noble knights of the realm prepare themselves for this grand event, and let the trumpets sound to herald the start of the tournament!




Invitations are extended to:

The Duke of Adria and the citizens of the Duchy of Adria.

The Archduchess of Petra, and the citizens of the Commonwealth of the Petra.

The King of Numendil and the citizens of the Kingdom of Numendil.

The King of Norland and the citizens of the Kingdom of Norland.

The King of Aaun and the citizens of the Kingdom of Aaun.

The King of Haense and the citizens of the Kingdom of Haense.

The King of Balian and the citizens of the Kingdom of Balian.


Personal Invitations are extended to:

The Duke of Blackvale, Valentin van Aert and his pedigree.

The Count of Aldersberg, Markus Sarkozic, and his pedigree.

The Duke of Stran, Jan Ivanovich, and his pedigree.

The Baron of Castelorena and the Galbraiths of Balian.

The Vilacs of Balian.

The House of Barclay. 


Lord Fedor of Vilac,

Lord Edward Aurelius of Galbraith,

Ser Peter of Montalt,

Ser Gerhardt of Adria




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Ser Peter Montalt readies his horse for the momentous challenge to come. He reminisces over his duel with the King of Numendil some months prior, wondering if they may compete once more across the arena.

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2 minutes ago, 𝖂𝖆𝖌𝖜𝖆𝖓 said:

Lord Edward Aurelius readies his armour and cleans his blade. The Rivian then turned to his compatriot Ser Paulinius Potte "You're too fat for your armour!" He proclaimed. @XOCO


"Yer one to talk, oi saw yew eyein' up that fatteh of a tavern wench the other night. Like 'em robust, ain't cha, m'lord?" Paulinius too would proclaim, laughing coarsely as he struggled to fit into his plate.



Elsewhere, the charming Bertha, famed beauty of Rivia, gazed out of her window at the rolling fields of Adria, as a handmaid combed her flowing locks.


"Oi bet 'em handsome knightleh fellas'll come flockin' roight to me!"

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Jan blinked at the reading of Fedor's name, the Duke reminisced briefly of their antics in his youth, "I will see if my people can go, should be a grand event." he said passing the missive to his son Istvan @WaveLincoln

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