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Ahiuw Le Fleuve Guide for Debutes [ Social Season]


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Written by the Late Paramount Leika de Astrea Found By Lady Brasca. 



Contents |


I |Proper Etiquette & Expectations


II | Debuting & Presentations




Etiquette and Expectations:



For proper reading please read “Vikela fashion”

Remember, dear attendees, that the essence of fashion lies in embodying grace, sophistication, and cultural respect. Let your sartorial choices be a reflection of your impeccable taste and appreciation for the occasion at hand. Fashion choices should reflect cultural sensitivity, honoring the traditions and customs of Vikela and its guests. For those that need a reminder here are some rules and regulations. 


  1. Footwear should be comfortable and suitable for the event, ensuring ease of movement without compromising on elegance.

  2. Adornments, such as jewelry and accessories, should complement and enhance the overall ensemble without overpowering it. Choose wisely, considering the harmony of the outfit.

  3. Gentlemen are expected to dress in tailored outfits, formal attire , displaying a sense of sartorial sophistication.

  4. All attendees, regardless of gender or race, are expected to wear attire that fully covers their chest during all events. Men with robes and half shirts, Translucent fabric is your friend, and it can show your Tattoos. 

  5. For females, showing the abs or belly is permissible, but it should be done tastefully and with moderation. Excessive nudity is discouraged; choose outfits that exude sensibility and grace.


 On the note of Tiaras, circlets & sashes: Tiaras are grand ornamental headpieces worn by women on formal occasions, featuring intricate designs and gemstones. Circlets are delicate headbands adorning the forehead or top of the head, with minimal embellishments.

  1. Tiara: Reserved for royal bloodlines showcasing heirloom treasures.

  2. Circlet: Available for all, worn uniquely and without imitating others' tiaras.

  3. Royals may wear house sashes at formal events, symbolizing their lineage.

  4. Foreign guests (Outside Lurin and Vikela) may wear sashes in their city/settlement/nation's colors during the initial two days of the ball.

On armor and weaponry: Regarding Armor and Weapons: In consideration of the council's understanding and appreciation for guards and knights, we kindly request that armor not be fully donned during the event. However, if one can creatively incorporate armor pieces while maintaining formal attire, exceptions may be granted. Weapons of any kind must remain fully sheathed unless an immediate threat arises or specific event permissions allow otherwise. We prioritize the serenity and balance of the occasion. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated as we strive to maintain an atmosphere of elegance and tranquility throughout the event.



Ladies and Gentlemen, as we embark upon this social season, let us be reminded of its purpose: the pursuit of lifelong companionship. While romance between different age groups is not encouraged, let friendships flourish and the guidance of chaperones prevail. Should an exception be sought, frowned upon but nevertheless, direct their plea to the Paramount, for their wisdom shall decide your fate.


  1. In the realm of social graces, kindness and respect should flow like a gentle river, regardless of social standing or past affiliations. Engage in meaningful conversations that uplift and avoid the murky waters of gossip. Let decorum and intellectual stimulation guide us, so our reputations remain pure like sparkling gems.
  2. On the dance floor, let us embrace a different waltz along the riverbanks of Vikela. Ladies, with the strength of flowing waters, self-advocate and invite gentlemen to dance. Gentlemen, be open to the invitation and dance with grace and harmony. Remember, the joy of the dance matters more than perfection.
  3. When the heart's desires do not align, gracefully decline with honesty and respect. Navigate these conversations with clarity and diplomacy, treating each other's feelings tenderly. Let us handle matters of the heart with the grace of a river's current.
  4. So, dear companions of the social season, let us embrace the guiding rivers of courtesy, respect, and graceful interactions. Like shining gems adorning the riverbed, may our words and actions illuminate the path to a joyous and memorable social season.



Debutante and Presentations


Presentations are an intimate expression of oneself, meant to be shared with the inner world. As you enter the ballroom, whisper your last name or share it discreetly with the attendant, who will announce it proudly to the gathered assembly. The first presentation holds both a touch of trepidation and immense significance, as you stand before the Paramount and her council. After your introduction to the crowd, gracefully curtsy or bow, signifying your reverence. From there, you may choose your path, guided by your own desires, before the dance commences.


In the spirit of unity, all debutantes, regardless of gender, shall don colors inspired by the river and the ocean, symbolizing their journey across the flowing river of life. The ensembles and poses of both debutantees and debutants (Male & Female)  shall be assessed by the esteemed River Gems Court, bestowing upon them the coveted title that shall adorn them throughout the remainder of the season.




Introducing the Exquisite Court of River Gems:

Within the vibrant tapestry of Ahiuw le fleuve social season, the Court of River Gems emerges as a beacon of elegance and distinction. Honoring the captivating allure of Chalcedony, Jasper, and Sapphire, this esteemed court encapsulates the essence of timeless beauty and enchantment. 


Chalcedony, the first gem of the court, emanates a soft and ethereal glow, captivating all who behold its delicate charm. Representing grace and serenity, those bestowed with the honor of Chalcedony possess an irresistible Friendly appeal that leaves a lasting impression. The Chalcedony is generally given to the younger generation, though this is not always the case. 

Jasper, the steadfast gem of the court, exudes strength and resilience. Like the mighty river carving its path through rugged terrain, those graced with Jasper's distinction display unwavering determination and a commanding presence that captivates the hearts of many.  The Jasper Title is mainly given to a male or gender neutral, though this is not always the case. 


Sapphire, the pinnacle gem of the court, radiates brilliance and magnificence, captivating all with its captivating hue. Symbolizing wisdom and nobility, those adorned with Sapphire's brilliance shine as beacons of refinement and grace, commanding admiration from all corners. The Sapphire title is mainly given to the older age status, though this is not always the case. 


Throughout the social season, the Court of River Gems selects individuals who embody the essence of these precious gems. With each exquisite debutant and debutante adorned with the honor of Chalcedony, Jasper, or Sapphire, the social landscape is adorned with unparalleled splendor. Just as the Paramount allows the water to flow to uncover the Court of River Gems, they reign alluring illuminating the path to an unforgettable and extraordinary social season. These Gems will Either be announced at the end of the ball or at the end of the first dance. These selected few keep their titles until the next social season which should be hosted every 8 years.  



Document signed off by Her Ladyship, Paramount Larissa De Astrea

Found and revisited by Lady Brasca & Lady Medea De Astrea. 


Click the spoiler for signups :)



Ooc: signup for the first year of Ahiuw le fleuve for july 17-july22. I know short timing my bad. T>T 


There are two ages groups 18-30 & 31-135. This is available for all races :) 

Please fill out this forum if you wish to join us! 




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