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The Flowers of Lurin

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The Flowers of Lurin

By: Faelion Arather


In Lurin's realm, where blossoms bloom,

Their secrets whispered, hope consumes,

A world adorned in vibrant hue,

A tapestry of dreams anew.


But lurking shadows play their part,

To tear the dreams and souls apart,

Their wicked hands, they steal with glee,

From beauty born of majesty.


Yet, 'midst the darkness, courage gleams,

A spark of strength, like moonlit beams,

In trembling fear, hope's nearly dead,

But whispers rise and dreams are fed.


Each bloom, defying fate's cruel hand,

An act of courage, bold and grand,

With every petal, dreams arise,

Their battle cry amidst the lies.


Though shadows dance and fear's embrace,

In Lurin's soil, dreams find their space,

For like a phoenix from the pyre,

In fiery trials, dreams inspire.


So let us sing of Lurin's grace,

The flowers' fight, a fierce embrace,

In every petal, valor gleams,

Their beauty braves the darkest schemes.


And when the shadows dare return,

To quench the dreams, to watch them burn,

The flowers of Lurin shall stand tall,

In their defiance, they enthrall.


For in their blooms, a tale unfolds,

Of hope rekindled, strong and bold,

And as they rise from depths of woe,

Lurin's dreams will forever grow.


With every bloom, a promise made,

To rise above the darkest shade,

Through pain and sorrow, they endure,

In Lurin's realm, dreams are secure.


So cherish every flower's might,

Their radiant hues, a stunning sight,

For in their dance, we learn to cope,

And find in dreams, the greatest hope.

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