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To those of the Sol Entente and their citizens!

Fliers would be spread in each nation that is part of the Sol Entente pact,

depicting a dirtied white ball with black stitches across it along with elegant calligraphy below it

Baseball Ball Sports · Free vector graphic on Pixabay



There was a game once held infrequently within the walls of Khel'seth, an old warhawkian city that sat as the nation for 'ker kind in Atlas. Soon this game will be brought back! Held within the festival grounds will be a jolly game of stickball. The rules will be explained prior to the game and two teams will be made up of all who partake. If you do not wish to be a part of the game worry not! There will be snacks and a stand to sit at so you may cheer your favorite players on. 



OOC: The game will be held in the festival grounds of Nor’asath at 6 pm est on Sunday, the 6th of August.


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Erolas would rub his hands together with a devious grin on his face "I think its time to get the Blue Feathers back together!"

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