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20th of Deep Cold, 139 S.A








ᛁᛟᚦ ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ ᚾᚨ ᛁᛟᚦ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ


 The state of the Grand Kingdom is in constant flux, as many new developments are constantly taking place. The Grand Kingdom seeks to inform its populace of the many changes that have occurred.



Currently, the economy of the Grand Kingdom is performing well, expansions are planned into the neighbouring midland tiles in order to establish an industry of animal husbandry which is very in demand realm-wide. The purchase of this land will offset the current treasury a substantial proportion of its current reserves, but the Grand Kingdom anticipates a great return on investment from said investment. The purchase of this land however has been delayed by the red-monks.



There has been some disagreement over the inaccessibility of the diamond mines, due to the gates of Dol’Vekaan being shut down. To provide access to these mines, a tunnel has been constructed from the main central mine to the diamond mines. Currently, this tunnel shall be accessible to all citizens, until further notice or necessity. 


As a side note, a discussion will be held with the Paladins to construct a proper and accessible path for them.


ᛟᚾ ᚢᚨᚱᛁᛟᚢᛊ ᛏᚢᚱᛗᛟᛁᛚᛊ

Regarding The Elves

Recently, our dwarven warriors managed to successfully raid the capital of the vale, in a battle of 170 dwarves versus 230 enemies, with our side only taking a loss of 10 dwarves. 


Before this victory, a small number of elves were rounded up and ransomed off, however, due to an erroneous missive, that's now been corrected, many were led to believe that the dwarves engaged in slavery.


Currently, to the best of The Grand Kingdom’s knowledge, no elves were sold into slavery, nor are any being held captive. Slavery is strictly forbidden not only by our mortal laws but also because it goes against everything the dwarves stand for and believe in.


Thus, regardless of the facts of the situation that no elf was slaved, The Grand Kingdom will launch three investigations into the Frostbeard clan, one by the High Courts, one by da Kirkja Dverga, and lastly an internal one by Garrond Frostbeard, the former clan father of the Frostbeards who has sworn oaths to uphold the rule of law. Since the crime of slavery is one taken with utmost seriousness by the Kingdom, even a spark of it must be snuffed out.


Regarding Kinsalying

The dwarf Vithor Frostbeard has been discovered to have attempted to kinslay a dwedki, with various witnesses to testify. As such he will be summoned to the High Courts for trial, with further information to be provided by the Lord Justicar.


The Blackhand kinslayers are still at large, with investigations ongoing into their whereabouts. If anything is known, please report the information to the Lord Justicar or your local legion officer.


Regarding Miscegenation

The Frostbeard's escapades in the city of Sakuragakure of Nor’asath have also raised concerns for both the Grand Kingdom and the Clergy, as Miscegenation of dwarves and non-dwarves is strictly forbidden. Thus once more, a three-way investigation will be conducted into this matter.



Recently the Grand Kingdom of Urguan has made a pact with the Kingdom of Balian, and is reaching out to other friendly nations. In addition to this, The Grand Kingdom has struck a friendship with the Glade of Hileia.


More diplomatic relations are expected to be established soon.



The conflict between Urguan and Norland continues. We have taken a few minor losses in some skirmishes, but our warriors had conducted a grand battle in which the King of Norland was captured, brought to trial and his hands were removed.


The recent victory over the vale also greatly decreases our burden of resource production, though their armour will need to be smelted down to properly refine it, and to make dwarven fitting armour.



Alaric Grimgold is hereby officially appointed as the Grand Steward of Urguan.


Garrond Frostbeard is appointed as the King’s Axe, official executioner and agent of the High Courts.


Lurdoic Irongut has been appointed as Magister by the Lord Justicar, to help with the oncoming investigations.


Goimbar Goldhand is recognized as the Prophet of Grimdugan, and Khazaefron is departing the Prophecy of Belka for Anbella. 



The Grand Kingdom would like to officially thank the following dwedmar for their contributions in recent times.


Gullveig the Golden and Alaric Grimgold for donating a total of 1500 mina to the Kingdom’s treasury. A feast will be held in their honour as thanks. 


ᛃᛟᛒ ᛟᚠᚠᛖᚱᛁᚾᚷᛊ

The Following Jobs are currently vacant within the Grand Kingdom of Urguan

Grand Ambassador - Do I need to explain why I need one? Contact the King directly.


Grand Architect - The previous Grand Architect went completely crazy & killed his family. The position is vacant. Contact the King directly. 


Bartenders - There is a lack of Bartenders within the nation, more are always welcome. Contact Bandal Grimgold!


Scribes and Archivists - Scribes to transcribe official meetings and to write missives on the King’s behalf are needed, as well as Archivists to help preserve dwarven history and heritage. Contact Auriel Doomforged, or Tuzic Mossborn!

Cupbearer/Brewmaster - A person dedicated to serving drinks at feasts and all official meetings is needed, a cupbearer is meant to be a brewmaster as well, capable of creating brand new delightful drinks to serve. 





Garedyn The Emerald

Grand King of Urugan, Chief of the Mossborn,

Prophet of Yemekar, Seer of Hefrumm,  Zealot of the Triad


Thromdrick Irongut

Lord Justiciar of Urguan, Irongut Clan Father


Auriel Doomforged

High Prophet of Urguan, Cleric of the Doomforged


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Early morning the snow gently melting away as it was exposed by the sun, some of the light protruding into Tharkun's cabin, he'd gently wake up and make himself some light dwarven breakfast consisting of Pork ribs drenched in pepper sauce with a fresh appetizer of Dr. beard Limited Edition Whiskey. As he was prepared to dig in, his trusty companion; his big blue parrot, would carry a pamphlet, upon reading its content, he'd toss the pamphlet into the ocean, and would carry on enjoying his morning breakfast.





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A rather grumpy and short built dwed would read the missive grumbling a little as she would wipe her former Clan's mark from her face "looks like it be a good thing Io be ditchin' focken hell" 

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Agamm's corpse stirred in it's grave. There was no mention of the kinslaying on his friends and himself over the diamond mine of Dol'Vekaan. Though his spirit was soon sated after vividly recalling his enactment of revenge by smashing in the head of Morul Irongrinder, whom he was ironically buried next to.



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The Wandering Trader sipped from his flask as he pushed along his lama's to the Urguan capital.
"I sure hope they are welcome!" 

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Kor'garr, Skriptgoth of the Horde, rumbles with complex emotions while smoothing out his mustache. The guttural mutters increase as he looks over the reaction to alleged slavery before his bulky digits crumple the paper in a tightened grip. Eventually he finally relaxes enough to quill a missive, copies of which are delivered by the small winged forms of rabbit-like Horde Courier Vinix across Aevos.





To Grand King Garedyn of the Emerald Lineage, Fellow diplomat agh drinking brother,

Kor'garr must express some small relief for lat's rebuke of the Frostbeard Clan's erratic actions. After the various machinations of Paladins agh Sigrun Ireheart, the Horde readied for lat to meet a grisly fate as puppet leader, wearing a crown of strings and speaking though lips stitched shut by internal politics. Honorably, this is not the case. Kor'garr remembers the early Urguani - Rexdom Waghs of Almaris, aggressive Gazat sparked conflicts which were explained away by the horrid agh dishonorable practices of snagakeeping running rampant in the western Jungles. As stated by KULTHARK'IZIG back then, "Given the many ways in which a brother may fall to dishonor in the keeping of slaves, it is understandable that the Rex has banned the practice, not just to appease other nations but to keep less intelligent brothers from falling to the temptation of dishonor." This decision was in part decided by the strength of the Mountain-kin's fervent agh bloodthirsty response to slaving as a concept, and the fact you as Grand King defy meekness by refusing to indulge the Frostbeard Clan's hypocrisy restores some manner of respect from Krug's people.

For the sake of lat'z ancestors, take measure to back these declarations with genuine action. The uzg of Aevos is watching.


For Truth agh Honor,
Skriptgoth of the Iron Horde





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"You know.." Valindra pointed out upon hearing of the dweds' attack on the the Vale. "Not to be the devil's advocate, but it is the Vale...  I'm almost starting to like these ballsy halfpints."

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9 hours ago, Mannamannaa said:


Kor'garr must express some small relief for lat's rebuke of the Frostbeard Clan's erratic actions. After the various machinations of Paladins agh Sigrun Ireheart,



Sigrun 'Dragonslayer' Ireheart reads the missive over a mug of mead.


"Tha's Sigrun 'Dragonslayer' Ireheart toh yeeh, orkeh!"

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Agnar Grandaxe sits within his retirement home before an old Grandaxe appears informing him all that has transpired since he left. "A great shame." the dwarf laments. "Once, the Grand Kingdom and Norland shared a strong bond as unofficial allies, but now they are engulfed in great strife. The Grand Kingdom seems to be plagued by kinslaying and distressing rumors of dwarves committing slavery. Madness seems to have gripped the Grand Kingdom, and it saddens me deeply to hear our people being drawn into a war. A war started by my own son not knowing when there is a time and place to do his one of many grudges. Regardless, I can only hope that Garedyn steps forward to restore order and stability within the Grand Kingdom. Though time will tell."

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