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Clan Kazin'Kul


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The Kazin’Kul Klan


From Hatred it was born and by it was driven.


The origin of the Klan it’s uncertain, for its members certainly are not renowned for their feats of lorekeeping.

What is known though is that it came to be through the efforts of an Orc, Drumm, who managed to rally around himself a mighty band of Uruks.


Cripples, bastards, freaks, misfits, those were the kind of individuals who bolstered the ranks of the warhost. Casted out by their communities, worn out by the hunger and the constant struggle for survival, they had wandered the wastes, salvaging anything they could salvage and looting anything they could loot, their minds filled by thoughts of revenge against those by whom they had been wronged, those who had turned their backs on them.


But the barren wastes could only provide for the necessities of a few, of the fittest, and the only law enforced being the doctrine that might is right.

But in that constant struggle for survival an Orc managed not only to survive, but to thrive.

He rallied his brethren, showed them that by uniting they could overthrow the tyranny of nature, escaping from the imminent grasp of hunger.

He captivated them with dreams of redemption, of revenge, and they all did fall for his beguiling words.

Soon after he unleashed his host on those lands, laying waste on those very communities who had once casted them out, and from the smoldering ashes the Kazin’Kul Klan was born.

[This is still a WIP, so i will edit it in the near future]

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