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[!] A Visit Gone wrong


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A Visit Gone wrong. . .

A fine morning in the sea side of the Gold rose city, the ships sailing through in and out of port. as the Hyspian bard came through the stone gravel roads. The smell was salty as the Princess of Hyspian arrived to the Protogene. Frisketa gazed upwards as she greeted the guard and smiled. Her week was going well, a morning filled with joy, as she waved her brother away. Only to arrive at the Kingdom of Balian, the Goldrose coast. As she arrived and entered she spent her time with what she was expecting to be her soon to be. However things took a turn..... as the sails and bells rang the tune the the ferryman


Marching  was heard from the bridge, horses trotting with mass speed came forth into the front gates of the Sea side Portogene


A Knight dashing into the tavern in haste to warn those within it "BANDITS, ITS A RAID, THE FERRYMEN!"


A man of tall nature looked to Frisketa- with a so serious face. "Ai to the Vilac house, we will be safe there"


"Will we?" 


The clashes of weapons were heard, men and women screaming in pain as it all stopped, silence emerged as the only sound was the footsteps of hounds were heard, the doors were locked, but if the walls did not hold, how long will doors will?

"UHUN DA DURHZ!" The uruk shouted

"ITS A PARTY" mass laughter howled in the air as they all together bashed through the door way, and then a unaware servant opened the door to what was her own death, and the death of those within the house.


However as she stood there frozen in horror, her sword fell from her hand, the voidal sensation was cut as the last ditch attempt to save her severed the focus from the mage bandit. They made fun of her, slapped her and disgraced her, only to strap her into a lightstand and left her to rot, and by sheer will.... she escaped


Frisketa knew what she saw, them painting walls with the blood from slaughtered innocents, a man slaughter. Were they truly fighters for the common man or just maniacs under a fallacy?


only thing she knew, once she sat down at home..... staring at the now red tiara she once laid it upon the little girl her heart broke in two pieces as she began to sob. though she held back as she wrote a letter to the King. 


[!] a letter arrived to the Aviary of the palace

Dear King Adrian I and the Government of Balian 


In my time, conflict is a time of honor, Glory, we hyspians' know our share of battle, our history is filled with it, from the time of Tierra natal to the Arch-duchy, to the days of Antonio I, and even to the times of my Grandfather and padre, Cesar I and Francisco I.  And mainly with bandits, in the Hyspian Bandit war. But in the essence of all these battles, one thing was for certain, there was a sense of both filled with Honor, and respect for life. 


However today, in Balian, in YOUR city, which many claimed to be a safe place, the city was defiled, perverted even its defenses broken in a matter of seconds through the front entrance, as they climbed the walls like the mori'quessir did in savoy. Like roaches infesting a molded room, they came and hunted us. Cornered us inside the House of Vilac, and as they brought their ten or fifteen men in, they slaughtered all kind of life in there. For some reason they kept me alive. Yet brutalized me like some unfaithful spouse, and when they all left and disappeared all I could do is return to see if there was a chance to save the children at least, and they were not even spared.

I will not insult the safety of your city, unless you don't act. But know that your city is not a safe haven, find a way to improve it, or they will defile it more times than you can think of. For I will not move to balian, if the city will only welcome the hounds in open arms. If you wish to proudly call it a safe haven, make it so



Signed by 

Frisketa Medina De- Pelear, Princess of Hyspia,

Bard of the Viceroyal Crown

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The Queen-Dowager Sofia felt a certain disgust come over her. They harmed her dear niece, disgraced her, and shed blood of many a people to spread upon the walls. She signed the Lorraine and sought out her niece, intent to offer prayer and comfort.

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[!] A letter sealed with the crest of The Office of the Legate would make its way via bird to the Hyspian residence, dropped off safely on the households doorstep. 





Issued on the 17th of Sigismund's End in the Year of our Lord 71 B.A.


To Princess Frisketa of Hyspia, 


It saddens me to hear of your troubles and experience within the Kingdom of Balian. Of course it was no one’s intention that you were disrespected in such a way, although as you stated, it was the acts of the bandits against you who harmed you. The Kingdom of Balian is a proud and honourable nation with citizens who personify those characteristics well. These same men and women today gave their bodies and souls to protect the walls and citizens of Portoregne against these filthy mercenaries. That being said, is it not an insult to insinuate that the attack upon the Kingdom was at the fault of Balian? I must admit I am confused by your letter calling for a change when it was the bandits who harmed you, not the valiant men and women who fought for their nation. 


This all being said, The Kingdom of Balian will not abide by false narratives of  “defilement” and “perversion”, as the only way to feel and resonate with those adjectives is to let ourselves do such. Instead, Balian will stand true to its values and continue fight for the people and work hard to keep them safe and ensure that our love does not waver for our country. The choice to move to our beloved city is entirely up to you, although I do hope that should you decide to reside within our walls, you take a moment or two to look around and witness the beautiful and strong community we find amongst each other. Should you wish to further this conversation in person, you may send a bird to myself and we may meet in a location of your choosing.



Kind Regards, 


Her Royal Highness, Princess Elena Casimira, The Princess Royal of Balian, Countess of Rosemoor, Baroness of Enderoca, Royal Legate to the Crown.




[OOC:] My discord is Mady123


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Lanre Cerusil almost feels kind of bad.

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The Viceroy of Hyspia of Hyspia would read through the missive, concerning washing over for his eldest daughter, having already lost his prior heir, his heart would skip a beat. He would, however, come to relax in time, noting his daughter must be fine seeing as she had put out such a missive. After some muttered choice words about diplomatic phrasing, he would call for a servant to go find his daughter so they may speak, before the man would look for his finest rum.


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