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un-w skin comms open


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I'll be opening 3 skin slots over the course of the next few days

comment or reach out for q's





Dresses: 16 USD
Non-dress outfits: 18 USD
Armor (gambeson, leather, etc): 22 USD


PayPal only
Must have a reference to provide (please use a not shit reference)
Only one reference, don't send multiple plz
Will not be doing hair/base skins/heads
Wait time of 1-4 days (I will communicate if I'm unable to do such)
If I attempt to contact you and do not receive a response within 4 days your skin will be sold
Although I will be prioritizing my 3 initial slots, you may further comment to be put on a waitlist/reservation
I will always show you an unshaded-flat before shading. Changes cannot be made once the skin has been shaded
I accept bribes, pay +10 USD to be bumped to the top of the list regardless of slots or waitlist
(this might seem like a lot but im just trying to be thorough)

Visual Ref: (picture of the skin you want)
Skin Description: (written description. the more thorough the better, please be as specific as possible even if it might not seem important or if the ref shows everything that you want. the more specific, the less chance I'll reach out for questions and the quicker you'll get your skin.)
Is this a bribe skin?: (y/n)

thank you


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Discord: fooldude
Visual Ref: 

Skin Description: A long and flowery Kimono for a Oyashiman-based character. I would like it similar to the refs ones but instead of dark purple, it should be a dark pink or always some shade of pink that you'd may find suitable for the character. Feel free to change creative with it! For the record, it's just a dress and this outfit it's for this character: https://namemc.com/skin/7d38172a22505837 

Is this a bribe skin?: Nub

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