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A Mothers Final Straw

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A Mother’s Final Straw



[!] This missive is posted throughout the land (art done by @UniBearse



A once pure of heart

As all babies are as they are born, Ithil Kaeronin was once pure of heart and was one of the prides and joys of his mother’s clan. One winter's day, a dreadful night to be out, I found a child bundled up yet left out in the wilderness to fend for himself, he was a newborn at this time, a ‘ker baby with brilliant white hair and jewel violet eyes, I took him home and gave him the name Ithil meaning moon, for that was what let me find him, the moon light shining down on him I thought it must be a blessing to have found such a sweet darling child.

From the moment I found and raised this young ‘ker, watching his first steps hearing his first words I lived through them all, and they were my precious memories to keep, I loved him just as I loved all his siblings with every fibre of my being, I believed all my children were for greatness I always will, but that being said as their mother I can’t control their lives and determine which kind of person they will turn to be. And as their mother I must know when to let them go.

When I look into his eyes and I think back to that sunrise where I held him in my arms, these actions I will make, they will haunt my days, but is the price I pay, an endless pain, I know what I must do but how could I hurt you?, deep down I would trade the world to see you safe and sound, forever in my arms, just like we did before, as a mother I know I must let you go.

But, when did my boy become a Villain, like how a candle becomes a blaze? Or a ripple a tidal wave?  When this man becomes a monster.

Please forgive me.

With my heart so filled with sorrow and Woe, this Missive that has taken so long to gather the courage to write that is long overdue, I Floria Kaeronin here by decree Ithil Kaeronin one of my eldest sons to be disowned 

Revoking his Kaeronin name and ties to the family for he has caused some heinous crimes which will be known throughout the land for those to safeguard themselves and keep watch for this man, Ithil Kaeronin receives this punishment for the following crimes, the only crimes known to his mother.


First degree attempted murder 

-an act of which was committed against a young child of Nor’asath, in which had happened on two occasions which led to the second crime.


First degree attempted kidnapping 

An act in which the attacker  lured the unsuspecting victim to a remote place and proceeded to attack this victim. 



"I failed as a haelun and for that I pay the price of losing one of my oem'ii"



For these crimes committed by a Kaeronin, Ithil is here by disowned from the family of Kaeronin and banished from both Family and Vikela, and i pray for your safety and your good health in life from here on out, and I hope you find yourself, redeem from your actions and maybe one day, in my fondness dreams you are to reunite to those that have always loved you. 



Her ladyship, Floria Antwinette Vanari iller’leyu, Aldin Kaeronin Lady of justice and truth, The Serene Mother.



His Lordship, Syvis Songbird, the serene father of Kaeronin Songbird


Her Ladyship, Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, The Baroness of Vikela, Unbuntu, Vinovia, Uherie, and The Deserted Salted Lands of Elysium. The Violet of Vikela.

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Thought this was a pk post for a hot second


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A musin sat on the bench by the aviary in Vikela a missive in hand as he read it, shaking his head in dismay as he picked a rock from a pouch on his hip and looked at it and then the missive “Absolute fool. You must learn how to keep your hands clean. And now I am to soil my own hands.”

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The culprit of the events himself would find solace on the cushion of an empty library; his eyes drank the ink until the pool run dry.
He read the final line and couldn't hold his thought, and thus the rhyme was born in frantic dance of word:


In search of a mellow gleam I strived,
But stage lights blindsided, left me deprived.
Their brilliance, so dazzling, obscured my sight,
Unable to showcase my envisioned light.


I yearned to shine with a gentle hue,
Yet blinded by the stage, my dreams askew.
The mellow gleam I sought, hidden from view,
Lost in the glare, my vision withdrew.


Oh, stage lights, you stole my intended glow,
Concealed the brilliance I wanted to show.
Though blinded, I'll find a way to ignite,
And share my mellow gleam with all in sight.

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Mari'stella seems to come across this and she tilted her head a bit before starting to read. As she notices that the missive has one of her many sibblings' name she raises an eyebrows and continues to read it. "Ux yx uhn.." She said to herself as she noticed that the missive was about Ithil getting disowned, she barely even knew that sibblings so she simply shrugged and went on with her life.

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1 hour ago, Apotolofo said:

Scrisa squints at the missive. "Who?"

In response to her wife, Juniper shrugs. "It is hard to believe I almost married into that family... Although- I do hope Floria is.. okay... she is a gentle soul who loves her children. This cannot be easy for her."

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Medea sighed as she sat in her room doing paper work like usual, she was one of the people that had to sign this banishment, she's never had to do such before, it left a bitter taste in her mouth, as a mother herself, her children are her pride and joy, the idea of being forced to do something like this pains her. Medea finally stood up, leaving the room to go get a late night drink.

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Reading the missive the elfess had written, Floria Kaeronin Slumped down in her chair covering her eyes as she sobbed quietly, forced to send of one of her own children away, she felt like she failed as a mother for him to act in such a way "once i thought the chance to make you smile was all i ever wanted, and even now i wish that life had lead another path, now i am forced to be your foe and it is the last thing that i ever wanted" she cried to herself as she looked around the family home "this was our home, causing all this pain and devastation, how it tortures me inside, the innocent that suffered from your stubbornness and pride!" the elfess closed the bedroom door which had one belonged to who she had called her son, she stared for a moment before she had the lamp next to the door die down and she turned leaving not looking back, she held all of her children close to her heart and having to cast Ithil aside broke her heard. 


A short particular elfess stared down at the missive she had taken it back to her family Tavern and sighed "i ne ever wanted him banished... but i suppose it does make it safer for me to go back and visit now..." Perephone murmured to herself before she looked down to her fox and smiled softly "i suppose it has been some time since i visited... and if that crazy man is ne there anymore then i suppose i shall be safe" she nodded before she picked up her satchel and started her long journey 

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