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The Rosemoor Cabinet: The Historic Administrative Offices of Balian


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Issued by the Office of the Amiratus

On the 20th of Sun’s Smile, 77 B.A.



It is no secret that the past administrations of the Balianese Duana have marveled the realm with their proficiency and respectability, each having their own unique focus and diversity of members which tirelessly worked to create the nation we now take the greatest pride in. With this new administration, now dubbed The Rosemoor Cabinet, it is imperative that we pay homage to the administrations of yore, and look back on our history with admiration and for inspiration. With that in mind, it is also of great importance that the new administration focuses on the future and implementing progress forward. The Kingdom of Balian is on a new horizon as we continue to prosper and thrive in these new lands of Aevos and with our new generation before us, it is without a doubt that new ideals and discoveries are soon to grace our lands and the Kingdom will welcome them with open arms and devolve further into success. 


As stated previously, it is of high importance that we recognize those who have come before us and that is why I believe it is essential to recognize the importance of the Rosemoor name. Many years ago, before the fall of the Orenian Empire, countless men and women stood for a cause they deemed essential for the progress of society. It is because of these people and their tireless efforts to create a society of equals that the Kingdom of Balian has now witnessed the appointment of the first female Amiratus, leading the Royal Duana for many years to come. Equality will always be an essential focus of the Kingdom and will continue to be at the forefront of the great minds of the Balianese government. 


With a new administration comes new ideas and ideologies which is a testament to the continuous growth and progress the Kingdom of Balian provides to the realm. The current administration has worked tirelessly to ensure the Kingdom is provided for and receives every right each citizen deserves and it is important to recognize these efforts and take pride in ourselves and our leaders in government. Moving forward, it is the intention of the new Amiratus that the pursuit of a a defined Balianese cultural identity be at the forefront of her efforts during her administration. Encouragement of scholarly pursuits will be essential for these developments and all citizens are encouraged to be involved and seek to establish their own vision of the Balianese and contribute to the foundations of Balianese culture and identity. 


The Royal Duana is the administrative council of the Crown. Each member of the Duana - besides the Amiratus - heads a specific office within the government. The members of the Duana are also considered the closest advisors to the Crown. 


Founded by King Alexander and his council, the Royal Duana is the petrine perversion of the eastern Diwan that was known to rule in states such as Ba’as. The Diwan and the Petrine council of the Holy Orenian Empire were considered one of the most advanced, efficient and effective systems of government known throughout the modern world. The Royal Duana is considered the spiritual successor to those great government systems.

The Royal Duana’s success in efficiently governing the Kingdom’s realm, established the council as the final institution of authority within Balian. Under the blessing of His Majesty King Adrian, the Royal Duana continues to govern Balian on behalf of the Crown. 


Like the Petrine governments of old, the body is made up of various secretaries that head government offices. However, the Duana itself maintains some cultural distinction by utilizing eastern titles such as Duana, Amiratus, Procurator, Legate, and more, along with adding a ministry devoted to maintaining positive relationships with the clergy.






The Seneschal of the Crown


Heading the Duana is Balian’s Amiratus, who serves as penultimate authority in the realm. They can appoint a Vice-Amiratus to serve as their deputy, and are in charge of staffing the Duana as well as leading the executive government of the country. 


The title of Amiratus is notably found in the east, filling the role of Chancellor often found in the Wilvenland human kingdoms. However, it is also tied to the history of the Balthalites, or the people of Old Balian. The first recorded Amiratus in history was Edgar of Jrent, a priest who served as chief minister to the mythic hero Balthier, founder of Old Balian. Their legend can be found in the Second Tablet of the Lothar Stones.


The office of Amiratus is the most prestigious and influential political position in the Kingdom of Balian. They are responsible for the maintenance and governance of the realm, wielding penultimate authority and tasked with the preservation of the Balianese Crown, including in matters of succession. Colloquially, the Amiratus can be addressed as Chief Minister of Balian, and he or she also maintains the honorary title Seneschal of the Crown.


The current Amiratus is Princess Elena Casimira, who presides over the 1st Rosemoor Duana.






The Secretary of War 


The Secretary of War, foremost among the officers, is responsible for the maintenance and command of the national army. They supervise all military personnel, auxiliaries, and mercenaries in the country. They also are tasked with protecting the lands from invasions, raids and rebellions in times of peace and war. They maintain the title of ‘Constable of the Crown’ in their styling from the old chamber.


The current Secretary of War is Dante DeNurem.


“My experience sums up to constantly defending the Crown of Balian. In my time I’ve been sent on missions all over Almaris to further the objectives of Balian, my most notable mission being involved in the assault on Vienne, in which alongside our former Comrades in Acre, we ended the reign of King Frederick of Oren. 


But now we’re in a time of peace. The Kingdom of Balian works to continue building itself up, and towards a proper military force if necessary. Our people have suffered many hardships. But through our perseverance, we will succeed.” - Peter d’Arkent, on his tenure as Constable of Balian.


“Forever Golden” - Dante De Nurem


To those interested in aiding the Duana in matters of its national army, reach out to Dante DeNurem or the Company of Balian. 







The Secretary of Diplomatic Affairs


The Secretary of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the world view of Balian as well as the pacts and treaties that the nation holds. It is their job to foster goodwill and relations with any other nation or settlement. They accomplish this namely by appointing ambassadors, organizing events, and attending diplomatic meetings. They maintain the title of ‘Legate of the Crown’ in their styling from the old chamber.


The current status of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs is that the position is [Vacant].


To those interested in aiding the Duana in matters of Foreign Affairs, reach out to Amiratus Elena Casimira. 







The Secretary of Justice 


The Magister is the head of the Magisterium, the Balianese Judicial system. They shall organize the Lawyers - both prosecution and defense, Legal Scribes, and Investigators (or Qaestors) of the Magisterium of the Crown. They shall administer and help oversee any legal cases and investigations that may come up, oversee and judge trials, cooperate with and advise the other Chambers of the Duana on legal adjacent affairs, and advise the Crown on the appointment of judges and on legal matters.


The current Magister is Sir Robert Joseph de Lyons.


“From my youth in the Petran Civil War to today, I have sought to apply myself to ensure the greater stability of the realm and the victory of impartial and fair justice over the corruption and violence within the world. To ensure the circumstances that claimed my father’s life and drove me from my old home to my new one do not happen to another generation.


Through the office with which I was entrusted, I seek to foster vigilance against crime within our Kingdom, to assure it is tried and punished swiftly and properly when it occurs, with a firm but thoughtful hand. To amend the laws as needed, to take on and train Lawyers, Scribes, Investigators, and Wards, and to work with the Crown and Duana to foster cooperation between chambers and to ensure the law is considered in our governance. The Magisterium grew small and ineffective in the time when the position of Magister was vacant, and I hope to do my best to regrow it and ensure its continued stable and effective operation in the years to come.” - Robyn de Lyons, on his goals for the Magisterium 


To those interested in aiding with Balian’s legal system, as a lawyer, scribe, or investigator, contact Robyn de Lyons or inquire about the Magisterium. 







The Secretary of the Interior


The Secretary of Interior manages the various holdings of Balian. They are responsible for the Ecumene, or land survey of Balian, ensure that the land as a whole is held to royal architectural standards, and approve new constructions made by the private efforts of noble and commoners alike. They also control the immigration into Balian, and are expected to maintain an immigration office and organize events and programs to help recruit new subjects into the kingdom.


The current Secretary of the Interior is Casimir Vilac.


“I spent my childhood along the River Petra, planning and aiding my family in the development of its estate. As a refugee of sorts to the Kingdom of Balian, I understand the plights of new citizens and new families looking for a home. There is no greater calling than to serve others. The Office of the Interior is a service to the people of Balian and to Aevos, that no family shall wonder where they will next call home.” - Casimir Vilac, on his motivation for service.


The importance of the Office of the Interior cannot be understated. To many, the members of this office will be the first impression they have of the Kingdom of Balian. The Interior also provides for the citizens of Balian, allocating land as needed for those who have exemplary service to the Crown. There is always more work to be done.


To those interested in aiding the Duana in matters of land management, traffic, and immigration, reach out to Casimir Vilac or the Office of the Interior. 






The Secretary of Civil Affairs


The Secretary of Civil Affairs is tasked with the matters of government documentation. They take minutes of important meetings, organize the government press and the Royal Balianese Academy, push initiatives on government literacy and transparency, and maintain the census in order to administer effective elections. Their goal is chiefly in documenting and relying the efforts of the government outward, and ensuring that the Balianese are regarded as a literate and educated people. They maintain the title of ‘Censor of the Crown’ in their styling from the old chamber.


The current Secretary of Civil Affairs is Belyn Gris.


“The Balianese pillars of faith, family, and education are upheld by our censorial officers on a daily basis. Through our efforts, we maintain the cultural legacy of our forefathers. There is no greater feeling of pride than that accompanying the promulgation of a cultural work that will not merely outlast our own lifespans, but those of our children’s children. The seeds we sow today reap traditions that will persist for generations to come.” - Belyn Gris


To those interested in aiding the Duana in matters of improving national literacy and census-keeping, reach out to Belyn Gris or the Department of Civil Affairs. 







The Secretary of the Treasury 


The Secretary of the Treasury is the chief financial minister, entrusted with all of Balian’s financial matters, procuring more money for the Kingdom and looking over any spending of the nation. They ensure any debts paid, taxes collected and that all ministries are funded accordingly, along with organizing civil servants known as clerks that help them in these endeavors. They maintain the title of ‘Procurator of the Crown’ in their styling from the old chamber.


The current Secretary of the Treasury is Sir Ephrem Kervallen.


“Sir Ephrem became Secretary of the Treasury after having served in some other ways for the Kingdom. His office is one of great importance, the one in charge of the economic well-being of the Kingdom and the proper taxating and use of said money. Sir Ephrem’s office is one of mixes, introducing new ways of generating income while established on the base built by the previous Procurator, the Kingdom is eager to flourish once more like a flower in Spring.”


“I was tasked with one of the most important jobs in the Kingdom; Balian’s economy was left at a good state by the former Procurator yet I am a firm believer that things can always be better. My wish is to establish fair taxation, to generate events that will increase not only the name Balian has formed for itself during the years but also the economy; auctions, fairs and guilds.  ” - The Procurator’s Office, on the character of its captain, Baron Ephrem Kervallen.


To those interested in aiding the Duana in matters of its trade and finances, reach out to Sir Ephrem or the Procurator’s Office. 






The Agent-General of the Clergy is tasked with promoting religious and cultural institutions within the realm. They help ensure that the Kingdom of Balian acts with the interest of the state faith of Canonism, as well as maintaining relationships with the High Pontiff’s Curia. They also help build relations with religious minorities and religious communities within the realm, ensuring their rights are protected.


The current status of the Agent-General of the Clergy is that the position is [Vacant].


“While having no formal government experience, I have experience within the church and hold positions of Cardinal Tyria, Bishop Tyria and Interim Auditor of the Tribunal. My goal is to make a more robust church within Balian that is not confined to the existing Highlander and Heartlander traditions, and is instead able to make its own traditions that better reflect the piety of our people” - The Late Cardinal Tyria.


To those interested in supporting faith and culture in Balian, reach out to Amiratus Elena Casimira or the clergy. 





The Principal Secretary is tasked with collecting intelligence and making internal reports within the Duana on potential improvements that may be made within the Kingdom of Balian. 


Regarded often as the left-hand of the Duana, they follow up on particular departments for the Amiratus to ensure that the administrative offices are hard at work and initiatives are being adjusted and met. They also drive innovation within the kingdom by brainstorming new and novel ideas across departments, and hold the responsibility of declassifying government documents for public consumption.


The current Principal Secretary is Sarson Halgrim.


“I’ve spent decades in the east hunting plots, treasures, and beasts for a living. Besides the wretched paperwork, this isn’t so different yet. Anyone who’s got the guts to make a nation out of this little finger of God in the wretched desert - join me, and learn what it takes to be the sort of professional the world needs.” - Sarson Halgrim, on his new station in the Duana in the reign of King Alexander II.`


To those interested in learning about the organization of the Duana, or the various plots and initiatives the Duana is to pursue as a whole, reach out to Sarson Halgrim or the Office of the Principal Secretary. 



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The Governess of the Queen’s Court 


The Palatiodora of the Palatio Arancione holds a prestigious and vital role within the Andromedan Court and the Council of Monterosa. As the Palatiodora, they assume the highest authority over all matters pertaining to the court's operations, from organizing grand revelries and overseeing publications to meticulously upholding the Court's esteemed public image. This distinguished position is one that can only be appointed or removed by the Sovereign or Consort, and their loyalty and service are unwaveringly pledged to the Crown alone. In this capacity, the Palatiodora stands as a bastion of tradition, grace, and decorum, ensuring that the Andromedan Court remains a beacon of sophistication and cultural excellence within the realm.


"Nothing can be more sacred than imagination" - Princess Elizaveta of Alban


The current Palatiodora is the Princess Mischa Lesanova-Barbanov of Florentine.
To those interested in joining the Palatio Arancione, please reach out to the Princess Palatiodora. 



[Discord: Melpomenne, IGN: Melpomenne]






Her Royal Highness, Elena Casimira Novellen-de Lyons, Countess of Rosemoor, Baroness of Enderoca,  Amiratus of the Kingdom of Balian, Lady Seneschal of the Crown and Chief Minister of the Royal Duana.




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