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[PROPHECY] The Shifting of Karmic Tides


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This is a lore-compliant Prophecy, and as such only users with accepted Mysticism, Vivification, Farseer, Naztherak, or Seer applications may bear witness to it.

The sun, in its final moments, cast a warm, golden smile over the land as it descended behind Aevos' tallest peak, gently embracing the world with its fading light. Day reluctantly surrendered to night, ushering in a canopy of twinkling stars. In the shelter of your bunk, you sought refuge from the world's weariness, your body throbbing from the day's toil as you gingerly sank into your bed.

Your gaze wandered longingly to a weathered, cracked window. Through it, the scents of nature rushed in, carrying with them a symphony of sounds – frogs serenading from their marshy homes, the earthy aroma of petrichor rising from vibrant grasses, and the rhythmic whir of cicadas. The nocturnal world, rich and tranquil, enveloped you as you claimed the well-earned respite.

However, in the midst of this familiar and comforting night, an unsettling hush descended abruptly. The usual nocturnal serenade ceased, leaving you peering curiously into the darkness, as if seeking answers. Your vision, then, was warped and distorted, swallowed by an all-encompassing blackness that sent a chill down your spine, leaving you momentarily blinded. Gradually, your sight began to return, albeit in an altered state.

An earth-shaking groan, accompanied by the acrid scent of sulfur, jolted the foundations of your abode. The comforting sounds of nature were replaced by the cacophony of objects crashing from their shelves. Panic propelled you to your feet, but the floor itself betrayed you, and you plunged into utter darkness, the howling wind robbing you of your breath. Adrenaline surged through your veins as you descended further into this abyss.

The seemingly endless free fall stretched on for what felt like an eternity, punctuated by a gradual drumming sound that grew louder, resonating through your very bones. It was an oppressive, haunting noise that accompanied your descent, filling you with dread and hopelessness. You gradually became aware that the walls surrounding you were alive, and your throat tightened with a mixture of terror and despair.

"Boom... boom," these sounds reverberated down your form, assaulting your ears until they rang painfully and rattling your joints until they ached. The shifting walls and these eerie sounds took shape in your mind, forming an image of a grotesque beast, covered in scales you had only heard of in ancient legends. Deeper into this nightmare, you tumbled, carried by the monstrous entity, your own death seemingly imminent.

As you descended through the abyss, your senses heightened, and a growing, ominous sound filled your ears. It was a relentless pounding that seemed to reverberate through your very soul. The realization dawned on you that the entity through which you fell was alive. Your tongue felt heavy with dread and hopelessness.

Boom... boom... The relentless pounding continued, stinging your ears, and rattling your bones. Yet, gradually, the throbbing groan of the beast ceased, replaced by a different sensation – the steady ticking of a clock, echoing in the eerie silence.

Desperation gripped you, and two pale hands reached out before you, fumbling in the darkness as they searched for an escape, a way out of this inconceivable nightmare. Goosebumps prickled your skin, your breaths became visible in the chilling air, and your skin stung as you ventured further into the abyssal darkness. Then, the chill of cold steel met your fingertips.

Shivers coursed down your tense spine as the chains tightened around your wrists, guiding your hand to grasp the steel object. The darkness began to unravel before you, revealing that you were ensnared in the iron maiden's clutches, surrounded by cobweb-covered barrels and forgotten trinkets, all shrouded in dust.

Any fleeting relief was quickly extinguished as inky tendrils crawled from the shackles, winding their way up your forearms and entangling your upper body. You felt like a puppet in the grasp of some malevolent force, compelled to open the iron maiden. The metal screeched against the floorboards as you struggled against the unseen power, but it was in vain.

The sarcophagus groaned open, unleashing a torrent of blood that swept you away. You found yourself on the battlefield, blinded by the deluge of gore. Your homeland lay in ruins, consumed by pestilence, famine, death, and war. What was once lush greenery had withered to a desolate brown, and the heavens above were eclipsed by bat-like creatures. The soothing music of nature had been replaced by maniacal laughter and chilling screams.

Arrows whistled overhead, and the earth shook with thunderous cracks as chaos enveloped Aevos. You watched in horror as peasants armed with pitchforks valiantly battled both the undead and demonic forces in the distance. With the weight of armor upon your back, you rushed toward the fray, witnessing the relentless advance of green infernos, consuming everything in their path. The familiar groan rumbled beneath your feet, threatening to topple you.

Amidst the chaos, as men fell and demons reveled, a massive form burst from the hillside, hurling rocks into the sky. It was Feldamfir, the World Eater, a colossal monstrosity, whose mere presence promised untold devastation upon the land. As you gazed upon the monstrous form of the Serpent, a sense of impending doom washed over you. The colossal creature, its scales gleaming darkly in the eerie light, dwarfed everything around it. Its very presence radiated an overwhelming malevolence.

As Feldamfir emerged from the hillside, the battlefield was thrown into further chaos. Rocks and debris from its ascent rained down upon the already beleaguered combatants, adding to the mayhem. The earth quaked beneath its colossal weight, and the air grew thick with tension.

You stumbled backward, caught between the horrors of the demonic forces and the looming threat of Feldamfir. The battlefield had become a nightmarish tableau of death and destruction. Peasants fought valiantly, but their efforts seemed futile against the relentless onslaught of the undead and demonic entities.

In the distance, you could hear the wailing of tormented souls and the guttural roars of demons. The once-green fields were now engulfed in green infernos, casting an eerie, sickly glow over the landscape. The sky remained shrouded in darkness, with the bat-like creatures blotting out any remnants of the sun's majesty.

You struggled to make sense of the apocalyptic scene before you, torn between the urge to flee and the desire to stand and fight. The ground beneath your feet continued to rumble as Feldamfir moved, its every step sending shockwaves through the earth.

Desperation and terror gripped your heart as you realized the enormity of the threat posed by Feldamfir. The World Eater was a force of unimaginable power and destruction, and it seemed that your world had been plunged into an unending nightmare from which there might be no escape.

In the midst of chaos on a nightmarish battlefield, you were drawn toward the colossal and malevolent creature. Despite your struggles, an invisible force inexorably pulled you closer to its gaping maw, and you were swallowed whole. Darkness enveloped you as you journeyed through Feldamfir's throat, a nightmarish descent into a fate beyond imagination, filled with vile fluids and suffocating confinement. Your hope dwindled as you prayed for a miracle to save you from this gruesome end, but none came.

A terrible omen had befallen Aevos, what would come of it?


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Kina was in the middle of Lurin's square when this prophecy came, he collapsed onto the ground seizing, before getting up and recalling it... "Looks like Aevos will not be safe for long..." He said, leaning on his cane.

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Unboxing video when?


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Memories of the lightning strike upon the sealing rock of Gashadokuro came to the samurai as he traveled the lands alone, arms and hands burned by malflame of an unrelated encounter.


"Where is Alatariel? I need healing! Owari da...." Oijin passes out from the pain and feels a dark omen.

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  A large, haggard fellow shook awake from a terrible slumber, grumbling as he shook his head, dropping the shackles of a dream. A sigh hefted from his lips, muttering aloud in frustration. "Ugh... Mi gettin' sick ob all deez znakez..." A hand pressed against his forehead as he fought his head cold, reluctant to leave his place.



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“5 more minutes” says the hung over farseer princess as she went back to sleep

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