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The Birth of a New Song

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The birth of a new Generation7SLYACxprjnrk4gQ2mTPxHBP_NiGUSstY_fGYXlw-SahLbpQxw1qgfH-gLEhLCGW-XL512tI9Xj9Qr89tQzbZmQJNNBFYpNy_8vTfwMAKSGpluZ9Z2UR4n_WlAMYz6UZBAL9PTcnFyqSD4mRaAGDayA 

Issued by the 

The Starling Kaeronin branch (art by unibearse)

5th of the Deep Cold 146


As the sun rose and sun streak came through the windows of homes, birds chirping in song, this morning seemed different somehow from other mornings, especially in the Kaeronin Songbird household, a tiring night, friends and family waiting in anticipation, news finally given, letters sent out a new baby boy was born on the 

5th of the Deep Cold 146 

The new-born's features looked identical to that of his mothers, pale porcelain skin, bright snow white hair, and doe-like eyes somewhat darker than the mothers matching more of that of his fathers. 

It is with great pride and joy that the Kaeronin’s and the Songbirds announce the birth of their son Nevio Kaeronin Songbird.


Floria Kaeronin with her son Nevio Kaeronin


Below a letter the mother had written to her new-born, and a letter thrown out to sea.


To my darling Nevio

The world is vast and boundless, you will find yourself with much joys and sorrows, with many great achievements and failures, but as you grow you must not put worth on yourself, like how a single thread in a tapestry though its colour brightly shines, can never see its purpose in the pattern of the grand design, or like how the stone that sits on the very top, of the mountain's mighty face, does it think it's more important than the stones that form the base?

You will ne ever know how much one's life is worth or where anyone's value lies, even your own. If a man loses everything he owns has he truly lost his worth? Or is it the beginning of a new and brighter birth?

How do you measure the worth of a man, in wealth or strength or size, in how much he gained or how much he gave? The answer will come, to him who tries, and that is why we will share all we have with you though there is little to be found, when all you've got is nothing, there’s a lot to go around. 

No life can escape being blown about, by the winds of change and chance, and though you never know all the steps you must always learn to join the dance. 

And that is what I want for you my son, to enjoy all that life has around, to always join the chorus even if you do not make a sound, so live your life with all your might and never think less of your life.


To my Dearest Ithil

While this may not find you in this world for you have long left us, there's much I wish I had told you but I never could, you now have a new sibling and he remind me so much of you, he's the age you was when I left for war and I shall ne make the same mistake I made back then of leaving, my job was in making sure that you were fine on your own, that you were prepared to see the world, but now I walk past the door of the room where you grew, I did the best I could but I still I failed, I wanted you to see the world to see all its wonders that it had to share, making sure your worth is always something that you knew and that I was always there, but I had failed and for that I am sorry, and the decisions I had made back then will always haunt me.




Her ladyship, Floria Antwinette Vanari iller’leyu, Aldin Kaeronin 

Lady of justice and truth, serene mother of Kaeronin


His Lordship Syvis Songbird, the serene father of Kaeronin Songbird 


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That blinded old man clapped! "Hopefully he'll follow in his father's steps..."

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