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Balian Briny Bonanza


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Balian Briny Bonanza


~ Portoregne Harbor, SA 146 ~

The vibrant tapestry of cultures and tradition that is Portoregne bustles with activity as the sun overhead gently warms the colorful city. The air is filled with the intoxicating aromas of freshly baked bread, roasting coffee, and sizzling seafood. The narrow, cobblestone streets are lined with charming shops and cafes, and the lively markets are overflowing with colorful produce, fresh seafood, and fragrant spices. Fishing boats bob up and down in the harbor, their nets heavy with the day's catch. The abundance of fish in the waters surrounding Portoregne is one of the city's greatest treasures. The Bay of Sirens is home to a wide variety of fish, including Tuna, Isleskippers, Salmon, and Ocean Wardens. For many, the waters offer a comfortable living and the citizens of the Kingdom take great pride in their fishing skill. Posted at multiple public spaces is an advertisement adorned with detailed illustrations of various fish in the margins of the page . . .


His Royal Majesty, Adrian, King of Balian, is sponsoring a fishing competition hosted by DeNurem Delicacies, dubbed the Balian Briney Bananza! The competition is open to all those who would wish to try their luck and skill at harvesting the bounties of the sea. To the top three fishermen will go the treasure!


1st Place: 200 Mina and the title of "Adrian’s Angler"
2nd Place: 100 Mina
3rd Place: 50 Mina


Contestants will have 1 Hour to find a piece of shoreline to cast off from and catch as many fish as they can. Depending on the rarity of the species caught, points will be accumulated for each catch. The fisherman with the top three highest scores will win. Refer to the following table for the point breakdowns.


Common: 1 point
Uncommon: 2 points
Rare: 4 points
Epic: 8 points


The rules are simple:

  1. Pre-caught fish are not allowed
  2. Personal fishing gear is allowed
  3. No other person or contestant may help or add to another's score
  4. 1 hour is allotted for catching and depositing in a contestant's respective submission barrel
  5. All manner of sea creatures native to Balian are legitimate submissions


Registration for the event will be allowed until 15 minutes before starting. Pre-register through Rainier DeNurem of DeNurem Delicacies or respond to this advertisement with the following information.


((MC Name)):
Fishing Experience:


((Event starts Friday, 22 Sep @ 6:30pm EST, meet at the square inside the capital city of Balian. Recommend arriving early to ensure registration with the event. Respond to this post with the above details or contact on discord at mirtok))

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The Amiratus would glance over the missive with a smile of approval. "Finally we are making use of our bountiful seas!"

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"Ah, perfect. Something to do with this fishing rod that's sittin' in my closet."

Name: Dante 
((MC Name)): SpookyLean
Fishing Experience: Little

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"I will be fishing for sure." said the King of Balian, preparing his fishing master 5000 for the event.

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The final hour of the competition drew to an end as fishermen from many lands and stations in life rushed through the front gates of Portoregne. Buckets and bags dripping with the days catch were hurriedly emptied into barrels, hoping to score some final points. Rainier totaled up each competitors haul and assigned points respectively. With the final barrel recorded, it was time to announce the winner . . .


"In 3rd place, Casimir Vilac @LazyBacon220 with 82 points!"

"In 2nd place, Ezren Kervallen @SapphirePool with 111 points!"

"And in 1st place, with 141 points, the winner of 200 mina and the title of 'Adrians Angler', we have Lorand Korvacz @imkenobi!"

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