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A 'Treat' in the Void

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A 'Treat' in the Void

Endlessly, you traversed the unfathomable depths of the stygian abyss,
Amidst the eldritch horde, each preying mercilessly upon the feeble among your kind.
Moments of respite were rare in this desolate realm, but at times, a 'treat' would plunge into the yawning void,
And your unceasing odyssey would briefly halt.

Through eons untold, your path unfurled,
Feeding upon the vulnerable, consuming the weaker,
Eternally eluding the ancient predators concealed in shadows,
A relentless cycle of survival and predation, the abyss's decree.

Then, as if orchestrated by some cosmic scheme, 'it' descended into the abyss,
A disturbance akin to a single raindrop breaking the placid surface of a forlorn lake,
A morsel, a 'treat' that sent ripples of anticipation through your kind's collective consciousness.

With insatiable hunger, your kind surged toward the coveted prize,
A frenzy of tentacles, jaws, and grotesque forms, all vying for a taste.
And 'it,' the unsuspecting tidbit, quivered in response to this voracious onslaught,
Yet, amid the chaotic tumult, 'it' found an abrupt, eerie tranquility.

In your mind's eye, a vision began to unfold,
An image of 'it,' the 'treat,' bearing a countenance defying reason.
A soft, subtle smile adorned 'its' visage,
Radiating from the abyss's very heart,
And it was directed at you, and only you.

In that moment, as you gazed into the abyss, the abyss gazed back,
Transcending the limits of your eldritch existence,
A connection forged through the consumption of 'it,'
A communion of otherworldly minds in eternal darkness.

The enigmatic smile endured, a paradox of comfort and malevolence,
And as you drifted away from the 'treat,' consumed anew by the abyss,
You carried the disquieting knowledge that 'it' had left an indelible mark,
A cryptic guidepost on your voyage through the cosmic void,
A signpost pointing toward inscrutable depths of understanding yet concealed.

Within the abyss's inky folds, where nameless horrors reigned, a murmur of unfathomable revelation had brushed against your consciousness—an enigma woven into the void's very fabric.




"May the radiant flames in your heart guide you along your path."



OOC: Faelion Arather is now a mage. ( /^v^)/

@TheGekko: He is a future ars... your apprentice. :3


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