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[PK] Child of the Wretch. No more.


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I am so tired.


There stood a man ‘pon the hill in the distance. Frail and weak. 


 I am.. so.. tired.


There stood a man ‘pon the hill in the distance. He reached his hand to the skies. 


Where did I fail?.. What did I do.. Who did I become.


I am so tire- ssh, my child, you are safe here.. in the moonlight.



Children rushed past the youth of Demitriyus. One of them hit his shoulder in the rush as the smaller black haired boy briefly stumbled forth. He looked ahead but the children had rushed into the distance. He was alone once more. 


You’re new.


Or so the youth thought.. He turned around as a youthful woman, roughly the same as him, stood there with her hands folded behind her back. She blinked as she waited for the boy yet he remained lost for words. He stared at her for a while. He was smitten. Instantly. 






You are.. new.


She spoke slower this time as if he was a foreigner with a lack of knowledge of her words.




Who are you then?


Oh. Demitriyus Aubert. Pleasure to meet you!


I am Princess Vasilia. 




Da. Come.


She walked away then. No more words. He remained in his place. Uncertainty struck his mind. She looked back towards him. She smiled. He followed.



Vasi! I am headed with the rest on the expedition. We’ll fight monsters and explore.


You are what?..


Fightin’ monsters and explore..? It’ll be part of my Knighthood trials..


Isn’t the expedition for four years?




So you’ll leave me here alone for four years?..


I.. Yeh.. I need this Knighthood, Vasi. It would mean.. maybe we, yeh.


Just.. Please come back, da?


I will always come back. Always..





Blood everywhere. Smoke everywhere. Death everywhere. 


FALL. THE ****. BACK. 




Massive trolls loomed above the youth and the older soldier. They both stared at the creatures of stone-skin. Demitriyus with his boomsteel armament in his hand. The trolls covered the earth with a thick near poisonous smoke as the two soldiers were trapped on one side and the rest on the other.




Demitriyus stared at his blade briefly before it was carved across the stone of the troll above them. In an instance the smoke which had filled the air ignited from the flame produced by his blade as the trolls worried and confused stumbled within their own creation. 





Everyone had assembled in the throne room. Demitriyus knelt on the floor as his eyes met the silk beneath. Above them stood King Heinrik II. He raised a sword above Demitriyus head. It fell to his shoulder then. He announced.


Ser Demitriyus ‘the Preserver’ - rise.



It will never happen, Demitriyus. 


I will make it happen!


You will get yourself killed!


So I shall either live unsatisfied with a woman to sire children, that I would not even want, or I can die in the hands of the King as I fight to marry the person that I want to marry. Would both not be death? Maybe, Vasi, maybe there is a chance.


I would not be able to bear it, Demi. I.. I forbid you.



You are more now, Demitriyus. You are no man who walks the earth in ignorance. You are enlightened by God and you shall live for the mission.


He had left the world behind to become another entirely. He joined a cult of sorts. Wrecked from the sadness and cruelty of reality. He had turned his back on society. He had become more beast than man. He had become a killer. He had become a predator. What was next? When was next? He would live eternally.. or so was the intention. 


And yet when fate caught up with the man. He had killed thousands and perhaps now was punished for his deeds. He was uncertain but life seemed to fade. He fell into the abyss.



There stood a man, perhaps now more monster, in the endless abyss. Before him stood a woman with her hand - her hair raven black and her skin pale as snow. She smiled as the man reached forth.


Vasi.. I am so tire- ssh, my love, you are safe here.


Ser Demitriyus ‘the Preserver’ of Haense, Child of the Wretch.





Roughly five months back I shelved Demitriyus. 


We were told by the Story Team that our characters had a choice. We could either shelve or PK the characters, become potential event creatures, or return to our previous forms. I decided to shelve the character because I felt as though the concept of the character, as had developed throughout my time of play, made extremely little sense without the Vargyr CA. 


We have now been told officially that our CA will never be able to return to the server and I therefore decided the character deserved an actual PK.


Demitriyus has been one of the characters on this server which I have been the most excited and the most satisfied to play throughout my seven years of roleplay. He was a character that I felt as though I had created from absolutely no concepts and brought into the world to have fun, mess around and enjoy the server for what the server was. He altered my view on how the server should be played after a vast amount of extremely dull and bureaucratic characters.


I am incredibly saddened with the way Demitriyus story had to end on the server, but I felt as though there were no other options which made more sense than the one I had already taken, and I have come to accept that this is the final outcome. 


I owe a massive thanks to Jax ( @Jaxothy ) for his introduction to the Vargyr community which led to a path of roleplay which I never could’ve foreseen, to yandeer ( @yandeer) whose character interactions became the reason Demitriyus ended where he did, and especially to sam ( @Child Neglecter) who took me under him and taught me most, if not everything, I have come to know about the mystical, the esoteric, and the magickal. These three brought me into a whole new world of LotC which had led me to do so much more with my characters, my narratives, and my stories, than I otherwise would have. 


And of course to everyone who ever interacted with Demitriyus, anyone who ever interacted with him, took part in his story, or was injured because of him. Thank you for indulging me.


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A crazed vagrant wept, his eyes blood red, his tears as crimson as the torn silks he once wore in pride.

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Somewhere within the other world, did another child of the Wretch weep.

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