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[Vision] A Thousand Eternities


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[Please note - this vision is only accessible to those with the ability to see Prophecies.]





The voice grates through your sleep.


You stand at the rim of a great volcano, looking deep into the red abyss below. You, yourself, are within a suit of armour, though it seems that the armour itself is empty.


Your heart burns, painfully so. Lava courses through your vanished veins.


The volcano rumbles. A muffled roar sounds within the magma, and you peer over the edge, see a black form rising through the smoke -


A great black dragon bursts forth, the volcano shuddering and splintering - lava racing down a track of stygian rock. You withdraw your sword, and kneel before the titan. Out of worship, yes, but also out of love for a father.


It turns, and regards you. You cannot see its eyes, nor what it thinks, but you can feel it; the weight of a millennia of knowledge and life, the strings of fate, the music of the damned. Its wings unfold, and the World holds its breath..


A torrent of dragonsflame engulfs your form. But you do not die. Instead, the flame seeps into the armour, filling it entirely, giving you new life, new purpose, new meaning. Every sin you have ever committed is absolved. Sorcerous muttering fills the air, though you know not who or what speaks - and your soul grows heavy with change.


The force of the blast, though, sends you tumbling down the mountain. The dragon takes flight into the sky, and your spinning vision just about catches a third eye, grown upon the forehead of the great creature. 


You clatter to the base of the mountain. Lying on your back, you gaze at the sky. 


The moon is a sickly shade of yellow. The dragon is nowhere to be seen, and the the stars glow bright. Demons dance in the skies, bearing birds and crowns, laughing. You weep, though you know not why..


You wake. Sweat dampens your neck.



To those who read High Draconic, the above excerpt translates as:


A thousand eternities I have been forsook to the dark.


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