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[✗] [Further Alchemy] Wereweavers


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wrote this when I was 14 lol (4 years ago) so it's kinda bad, just thought it would be funny if I posted another lore piece after all these years of not writing lore

I was going on a nostalgia trip through my google docs, looking at all the lore pieces written by myself and the great lorewriting minds of yore like pundi, jentos, zidoax, lhindir, hephaestus, cameron, johann, etc.

I do wonder what could be written now





“They skitter and crawl,

Eight legs that sprawl,

Skitter and spindle,

Litter of thralls.”




The creation of the art of Wereweavers all started one dreadful night. Rain poured down and splattered against the brick. The wind howling, whispering, all while a peculiar man could be seen through the window of the tottering tower. “Pitter patter”, it said to him. In the center of the room sat a cauldron, bubbling purple fumes. Looking to the counter was a vial… not just any vial - no no, for inside it festered a cluster of putrid, vile beings. Thousands of tiny spiders skittered in the container, beckoning to leave. The man reached his thin digits for another glass vial, before moving forth to the bubbling liquid within the cauldron and filling the vial. He’d place the vial back on the counter, then opening a cupboard underneath the sink. A horrid smell wafted out of it. The figure would reach his hand in, withdrawing from it - a fresh, blood covered carcass. Presumably from a chicken, though it was mangled and unidentifiable. He dropped the carcass onto the counter, before opening the spiderling-filled vial and setting in a few droplets of the purple liquid which had been withdrawn from the cauldron. The thousands of tiny spiders began to seemingly go mad, festering even more. He’d dump them all into the blood covered carcass, before pouring a bit more of the liquid into the carcass. What felt like years for the man would pass, he would seemingly go mad - staring at the spiders within the carcass as they ran rampant. Eating the carcass dry. He would decide to go to sleep. After a few hours of sleeping he heard something. “Pitter patter”, whispered a voice again, though the rain had stopped. The figure got out of his bed, moving to the carcass “Huh? It’s… empty” muttered the figure, trailing off. A sound akin to clipping nails could be heard, skittering across the floor. He whipped his gaze around, though it was too late. A much larger spider, one about the size of a large hand leaped up his legs making its way to the center of his back - around the spine. It dug its legs into his back, planting itself into him “AGHH!” the shrill scream would echo throughout the tower.


Wereweavers have always been quite rare knowledge, being passed down for generations to the far from mundane alchemists and seekers. A craft that has been around for years, recently rediscovered.





A complicated process, one attempting to procure such must first ensure they have an abundant supply of all alchemical materials and tools they may need. A large cluster of spiderlings is first needed, they can be of any mundane breed. Next, a violet elixir must be crafted and prepared, also a few different herbal reagents. Finally, a carcass roughly the size of a chicken will also be needed - fresh and covered in blood.


This is a further alchemy, meaning it requires a valid FA for use and a valid teacher to learn how to create.




The herbal reagents must be sprinkled onto the carcass - as if you were seasoning dinner.

Bathe the litter of spiderlings in the violet elixir, allowing them to eat it.

The spiderlings will begin to get a lot more ancy, seemingly going mad. They will begin to climb onto each other and huddle up near each other.

Pour the spiderlings into the blood and herb covered carcass, leave for 3 irl hours for them to fester and combine.


Upon returning, a much larger spider called a wereweaver will be sitting in the carcass. All the spiders would have merged together from the properties of the herb and the violet elixir. The wereweaver will automatically rush toward the first descendent in sight, crawling up their back and planting itself in the back. During the time that they are left to sit, the spiders would mutate and combine into one bigger, more horrific looking spider.





Each step would take 1 - 3 emotes, with the last step taking 3 IRL hours. The wereweaver will rush toward and attempt to latch onto the first person it sees. If one already has a wereweaver on their back, the new wereweaver will look for the next person. If one wants, they can easily reverse the effect shortly after the wereweaver latches on by putting heat up to it and it will fall off out of instinct, though this is only possible for the first 2 IRL hours of it being on. After, the spider will be much harder to remove. The spider on the user's back can look pretty much however they like it, it’s all aesthetic.


Requires OOC consent if infecting someone else.

Requires a valid FA

Requires a valid teacher to be taught how to create

“Violet elixir” does not refer to any purple coloured concoction, it is the name of the elixir.





Once the wereweaver has taken its place on the back of the user and has stayed there for more than two elven hours, it will be planted and mainly only the back of its abdomen and cephalothorax will be visible, with an exception of mere parts of the legs visible. The rest of its body will be dug into the user’s back. It will be near impossible to remove at this stage without causing extreme damage to the person, the only method is to cut a chunk of the person’s back off, taking the spider with it. The spider would now be bound to the user’s body, much like a new appendage on them. Hurting the spider would only hurt the user. This new found parasite-like appendage has many interesting boons, though each coming with downsides. After the initial connection, the person will be under immense pain and will likely pass out or have to lie down. This subsides after 2 IRL hours. Once the two hour mark passes, the user will begin to slowly learn and realize themselves what the wereweaver brought to them.


Physically, the wereweaver’s inhabitance will have many effects on the body. One may notice that webs begin to appear on the surface of the skin, even sometimes the occasional regular spider crawling about. They will feel about normal when it comes to strength, though they will almost always feel tired or drained. Unless, they consume other, smaller spiders. The wereweaver will drain a lot of the energy from the user, eating spiders being the only good way to satiate it. The user will likely grow accustomed to the taste after a while, and will be dependent on eating them to have more energy and feel less tired.


Succeeding the passing of time, the person will be able to completely avoid sleeping - as it will no longer have much of an effect on them, if the person consumes enough spiders that is.


The presence of crawling spiders, webs and the massive spider on the host’s back will make it hard to conceal they have a wereweaver. The wereweaver on the hosts back will be a large source of fresh spiders, which find their homes throughout the host’s body. This being said, the wereweaver itself can be quite easily hidden with a simple shirt, though blatantly obvious if the back is not covered.



Mentally, this is not as taxing as other things may be - though it does come with its oddities. The user will feel dependent, almost addicted to eating spiders though they will never eat ones who have made their homes on the body. They will feel connected emotionally to the spiders produced by the wereweaver, and therefore will not harm them in any way.


The host will also become very ancy and unable to do long tasks such as writing long letters and reading long texts, as well as sitting down and idling for extended periods of time.




While having a wereweaver does lead to some flaws, it does as well have a skillset of new-found abilities. Some useful for combat, others not.


Infestation - [Passive/Non-Combative]


The person afflicted with the wereweaver will always have a web being made and growing about on them, as well as many spiders which passively crawl over them.


The spiders will always be around the person, which can be emoted as a passive presence, though with this ability they cannot be willed to do anything, nor can they hurt anyone else. They will also not hurt the host.

The spiders cannot be willed to do anything, and pretty much will not leave the body. Unless stated in other abilities.

The webs cannot be taken advantage of, or used in any way. Unless stated in other abilities.

The spiders will not hurt the host, nor will they hurt anyone else.


Webbing Manipulation - [Non-combative/Combative]

The host is able to create new webbing, then being able to manipulate it - whether it be for combative purposes or non combative. They may choose to use it to tie someone up, or maybe choke them - or maybe just as a rope to tie something together.


The user must first send a signal down to their wereweaver, by willing to it from their now mental bond with it. They would then have to simply think and usher themselves to produce the webbing, which would come out of the wereweaver. They would then have to collect it from their back for further use. The webbing is a thick, sticking substance - much more dense than regular cobwebs. If enough is connected and intertwined, it can form a thick rope.


It takes two emotes to produce about a handful of the webbing, with one more emote for each handful. The first emote, being to signal to the wereweaver, the second emote producing it and collecting it. If one is to do anything else with it, it would take an extra, reasonable amount of emotes for what the person is doing with it. The webbing will disappear and dissolve after each encounter.

Takes 2 emotes to produce, and at least 3 emotes to do anything with it.

A maximum amount of 3 handfuls can be produced in one encounter.

The webbing dissolves and disappears after the encounter it was produced in (Or 15 emotes).



Writer - Nozgoth

pund probably looked over this like 4 years ago I can't remember tho haha


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Not the **** uh, (reserved)

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guys u werent supposed to support this one I wrote it when I was 14 LMFAO

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may or may not have planned writing something similar omg I love this

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This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.

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