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Too many trolls... including staff.


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I just wanted to RP.
That's it.


I wanted to come back to LotC after years of being away.

I get back, and things are okay for a little while, but... then... somebody swats me OOCly three times and runs off.

I spend he next hour IRL looking for food to refill what was taken from the attack.
Within that hour, I was swatted by four more people, and was dropped by the last one.

This last person didn't know how to revive me, so, I lost my items.


I take a week off, because that was infuriating.

I come back, and politely ask people who swat me NOT to.
"Hey, could you not do that? Food isn't free, and I don't feel like chasing health bars."


I THOUGHT that there was some level of human decency.

Enough so that the request NOT to click on me would be listened to.
For a day, it was.


The next day, it seems that everybody got the GREAT IDEA to troll me.
Screw with me.
...and they all got a good laugh out of it.

Do you know who hasn't been laughing?

It hasn't been funny.


I will admit, I saw Simba standing on a wall, but I gave him food, warned him, THEN pushed him.


The issue I'm having NOW is that STAFF has taken up the mantle of 'troll'.


I made a declaration that I would kill anybody who swatted me.
Literally THE NEXT DAY (today), a staff member swats me.
I try to attack them back, but lo-and-behold, they're INVINCIBLE... so...


Not ONLY is there nothing I can do to make it stop, now I have staff in GOD MODE doing it so there's not anything I can do to make it stop.


I have asked nicely, I have begged, I have gotten angry, I've tried setting PvP timers, making statements publicly, and yet... the "Goon Squads" can't help but "Get a rise" out of me.


"Well, if you didn't react this way, they wouldn't do it."
I'm sorry, are you victim blaming?

I'm literally being attacked in PvP and demanding it stops, and that demand is a "bad reaction"?


You're the only ones laughing.
I'm not.
Process that...
Just... give that some thought...

You're intentionally ruining the experience of another player for YOUR laughs.
You're intentionally causing stress in another human being for LAUGHS.
That's sadism.

What's more is that a STAFF MEMBER did it.
Somebody who could have NOTHING done to them in response.
If that's not 'swinging down', I don't know what is.

I've made my requests, demands, and I've tried making it stop, and it hasn't.

I'm done asking.
So... now I'm just done.

You trolls have just pushed a user out of this community.
Somebody who genuinely enjoyed writing with you all.
...and all because you couldn't treat me like a human being.


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Please just say punched instead of swatting… please… 



(The resolution and it’s been something i’ve said to you multiple times is to report it, if that mod doesn’t care take it to admins or a different moderator and ask them to tell the player to stop or it’ll be taken as harassment. You’re enabling them and feeding into what they want which is for you to freak out like this and while I understand you’re upset. Food is extremely easy to get, we have farms far and wide and if necessary a lot of the group would be more than happy to have given you hay blocks to turn into bread. It’s banter, it’s bait. You need to learn to stand your ground, fight back or you’ll just be creating problems for yourself that aren’t there. Everyone punches everybody, it’s a dumb thing to do it’s annoying but it’s not like anyone will truly kill you or pop you.)

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Looking at your status updates it seems @The60th responded to one saying to DM him on discord, I would suggest that.


Outside of that, just ignore it, food isn't difficult to get (I personally have 2 Dchests of steak and over a Dchest of Haybales stored away just from the product of my leather farming) and if you give no reaction then people will eventually just stop doing it (fr I only get punched by friends nowadays) and if that doesn't work then just take it IRPly, that deters most people from doing it again anyways 

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I'll give you unlimited food buddy

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bro i thought an lotcer was calling the police to send the swat team to ur house jesus 

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We lost a real one today. Goodbye BaconAvengerII.

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ngl, just change the comunity you are around with if thats such a big problem I had never onec gotten into such being a problem and only punch eachother with my friends
If the people you are around toxic dont hang around them, or yea do report it to some staff that will actually care. Not to mention that the thought that you cant report a staff member is absurd, just report them to the person above them like a admin if its a mod or a grand admin if its a admin
Oh and yea use a hoe- right click with it on any crop and it will be harvested to that more efficiently. You dont need build perms to get food


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staff members running around in godmode when they don't need it is unbelievably cringe and it should be reprimandable


at best it's a cringe flex, at worst you have them saying "woopsie" after 20 mins of pvp'ing with it on

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I've been informed that the situation is being handled by staff.
I won't be leaving for good, but I will be taking a break.
Months of this, non-stop, has turned me off of wanting to write.
I'll be back, and hopefully, when I am, my request to not be struck will be heard.

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5 hours ago, MeteorDragon said:

Randomly hitting people isn't funny, it's just annoying


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If u random hit me my character will mention it as an irp attack

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