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A Public Servant

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A Loyal Gift to the Nation



Penned by House Llopis 

15th of Harren’s Folley, Year 152 of the Second Age


By the grace of DIOS,

I hereby give my utmost gratitude to Cesar II de Pelear of Hyspia. With his kindness and companionship as a close friend, I have found a new family and life to live within the city of La Dorada. Our golden home truly welcomes me and allows me to freely express my Hyspian culture.  I wish to continue to support the Viceroyal Crown. Thus, the House of Llopis shall supply the Crown with a surplus of donated resources and food.

May DIOS continue to grant Hyspia and His Highness a prosperous future. 





List Of Goods:

  1. Ferrum: 2,304 ingots

  2. Daemonsteel: 288 ingots

  3. Gold: 576 ingots

  4. Diamonds: 576 lbs

  5. Redstone: 96 lbs

  6. Leather: 128 pelts

  7. Coal: 128 lbs

  8. Steak: 512 lbs

  9. Amethyst Shards: 64 lbs

  10. Copper: 64 ingots

  11. Siege ladders: 2

  12. Siege Cannons: 1

  13. Wood: 1,728 logs



Alexander Llopis, Lieutenant of the Hyspian Regiment


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Sergio loves Alexander, in a platonic way.




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A single 'Aheral thinks about how much Mina he might make by 'donating' his surplus of siege machines to that of the Kingdom of Hyspia

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