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Vikelian Crystal Clash: The Jewel in the Boxing Crown


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A missive was hung in any nation and barony notice board that this writer could go to



Vikelian Crystal Clash


22nd of the First Seed 153.


Karin'ayla, People of Aevos!


We, the leading family of Vikela, extend a grand and honorable summons to one and all, irrespective of thy lineage or race, to gather together and witness an eagerly awaited event: The Vikelian Crystal Clash: The Jewel in the Boxing Crown.


Vikela, with its storied history and vibrant melting pot of races, shall serve as the backdrop for this magnificent spectacle. As precious gems emerge from the crucible of pressure, so do our combatants illuminate the arena with their courage and skill.


Prepare to be enthralled by the wonders awaiting you at the Vikelian Crystal Clash:


- Intense fist fights amongst adventurers from near and far vie for honour.

- A venue adorned with the resplendent opulence of crystalline adornments.

- Witness history in the making as fighters pursue their path of honing their skills and strive to attain the Vikelian Boxing Championship Belt.

- An opportunity to partake in the camaraderie of a diverse and passionate assembly.


Our inaugural champion is Estel Blanc, hailing from the esteemed Blanc Household. He bested the undersigned in the tournament finals to claim the title of the first champion. In the forthcoming event, he shall embark upon his maiden defense of the coveted championship belt. 


Join us, to revel in the valor that lies within the realm of pugilism, just as it exists within our own hearts.


Event Particulars:


Date: Once Every Year [OOC: Every Saturday]

Time: 2 PM EST

Location: Vikela

Send forth thy bird to Thaedas Viola with inquiries and desires. [OOC: Discord = 6darkj]


With great anticipation, we await thy presence at the Vikelian Crystal Clash. Let us come together to celebrate the unity of all fierce competitors in our medieval realm.


His Lordship, Thaedas Koa Viola De Astrea, Hunter prince of Vikela


[OOC PS: The event will be a PvP, and it will be held every Saturday. If a new champion is crowned, they are forced to defend their belt and title every week.]




*Visual representation of Estel Blanc becoming the inaugural champion*


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