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Amethyst Garden Gala 


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Amethyst Garden Gala 

House in Bloom





OOC : Friday at 2pm est 11/10/23 



You are cordially invited to the Amethyst Garden Gala, which will be held on the Vikela grounds. An evening of dancing beneath the canopy awaits as we celebrate the splendors of young love and the love yet to come. We respectfully suggest that you dress in purple to complement our gorgeous purple theme for House de Viola. As the evening unfolds, should dancing not be your forte, fret not, for we have diversions aplenty. Participate in our raffle, where you could win a beautiful amethyst brooch or a fortnight free of tax at a market stall, with each ticket valued at one mina. At the night's end, we shall tally the raffle tickets and set the wheel of fortune spinning.


Valllo toujou couri Vallhiuw



Leh’Gras, Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, 

The Baroness of Vikela, Unbuntu, Vinovia & Uherie , The Violet of Vikela


Mesiris, Lady Ilyana Elgeiros, 

 Minstie of Housing & Stewardship 


Mesiris, Andria Aldin,

 Ministie of Finances & Matchmaker 



List of Invitations 




Her Grace, Medea  Amaranta Viola De Astrea & House De Viola @JTMedea


Grand Duke Cyprien De Astrea and House De Astrea @HogoBojo


Lord Chaephyra and House Chaephyra,  @PhilosopherBear


Lord Wolfguard And Any of His company @nepir


Lady Andria Aldin and any of her company @Tigergiri


Lady Beatrice Ishe and  House Ishe  @JuniperSeason


Lord Volfe Serge and House Serge  @YourParalysis


Lady Ilyana Elgeiros & House Elgeiros  @Kayleigh_P    


Anerian Thulun Va'eylul &  Clan Va'eylul @Kumoko600


Regent Estel Blanc & House Blanc @Aw_0ken @6Dark


Undying pipsqueak Ser Do’Spuds Loa’chil @Turbo_Dog


All citizens of Vikela 


The Crimson Raven Corp @PhilosopherBear




Grand-Magister, Razad the 'Fatebinder' & His Magizens @Minuvas


Viscount Gregorious Roa & Their Peerage  @Me_llamo...


Viscount Xavier Adiler & The Adiler Talonnii  @MockingbirdArt

Cheif  Grimhildr  & Their Tribe@__WaterFox__


Silrus Daesmon &  His Peerage, @Pancho


Lord Artorius Silva & Their Peerage  @Athonir


Lady Nadja Leticia Bathory @mothsthetic


Lady, Niccy Elia Geseir & Their peerage,  @Niccy


 Sir Dante Rudius  @Kaitotheknight


Miss Otellia Maiheiuh @MokoMochi




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