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The official seal of Rah’tuma, the sunlit domain of the Gods of Ka’tau


[!] The following missive is distributed throughout the region of Rah’tuma in Nor’asath, and also spread across Aevos by followers of the Ka’tau faith.


Le-iy in the name of the Ra’tuhmet, our lord of eternal sunlight, and Ka’tau, our Lady of all that is Orderly and proper in Creation. I am Pharaoh Atemu-Ta of the newly settled domain of Rah’tuma. Our city is located just beyond the walls of Nor’asath in the vibrant sunlight of its shores. Our nation is a reflection of the ingenuity of the Rah’mun peoples and the grace of the Gods. We intend our lands to be a place for any spiritualist who recognizes the authority of the Gods, and to also serve as a homeland for ALL persecuted Rah’muns and their family from across the continents. 


All who wish to learn about our ways and the divine law of Ka’tau are invited to visit and join our culture.


As the first document issued for the people of Rah’tuma, the following demands are laid at the feet of all who enter this domain, and are compulsory for all who follow the faith of Ka’tau and our Gods:


Firstly, all Isfetian magicks, practices, and beliefs are not welcomed in Rah’tuma. “Isfetian” practices are those which stoke chaos and contradict the immaculate law of Ka’tau, and additionally displease the pure domains of Lady Hesthor, our goddess of pure waters. “Isfetian” practices are as follows: Azdromoth heraldry or Azdrazi, necromancy, any magicks which manipulate the unliving that do not come from the Gods (lutaumancy is fine), blood magick, Frost Witches and their flocks, worship of the False-Sun (Xan) and use of his powers, the void, worship of Malchediael and use of his powers, Inferi and their Nazterak, vampirism, slavers and enslaved peoples, and other faiths, practices, or beings whose souls are far removed from purity. They are not welcomed in Rah’tuma and, if they come here, they will be kindly asked to leave.


Enemies of the Rah’mun people are not welcome - political or spiritual.


No Rah’mun or follower of Ka’tau shall practice any magick or consult any power except those of the Gods. As such, ‘shamanism’ is the only permitted magic a follower of Ka’tau or a Rah’mun shall practice. 


Blood magic, the filthy art which degrades the mind and body, shall not be practiced by any Rah’mun or follower of Ka’tau.  Practice of blood magic or its adjacent diseased cousins (vampirism) is strictly prohibited within the walls of Rah’tuma. Anyone found practicing blood magic within the city is subject to a punishment at the discretion of the Pharaoh or any of the sacred priests of Hesthor or the Ra’tuhmet, the two Gods with the greatest disdain of the void. 


No Rah’mun or follower of Ka’tau shall practice voidalism or consort its powers in any form. Voidal mages or their Isfetian constructs may not enter the city unless they are willing to submit to the waters of Hesthor and forsake the Void for eternity. 



Contrary faiths to the religion of Ka’tau, like druidism, are welcome to visit Rah’tuma, but they may not try to convert our populace or any other tourists while within our walls. Religious discussion and debate is fine - conversion is not. 



All darkspawn who enter the city are kill-on-sight. No exceptions.


Theft is strictly prohibited.


Unruly behavior in our taverns or streets is also prohibited - respect those who live here or do not dwell amongst us. This is a place of Order and Light.


May these rules serve to keep all visitors to Rah’tuma safe and welcomed into our city. 



Atemu Ta

Pharaoh of Rah'tuma

Voice of Ka’tau

Gleaming light of the Ra’tuhmet


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On his deathbed, a Draconic Cultist named Remon takes to art. He grabs his pens and brushes, and begins sketching out a painting. Eventually, he inspects the painting, and smiles. Where those of the Bronze Band (or was it just Pamphilos? The art on this missive looked pretty genuine) would resort to automaton-generated paintings and artwork of twinks and golden-haired femboys to justify their losses to the Draconic Consult, the Azdrazi preferred a much more simple form of drawing, one passed down since ancient times: 'shitposting'. 


"This satirical piece will take Aevos by storm!" The ghost does a stereotypical sort of cackle that belongs more on Cartoon Network than on a respectable, serious, no-memes-allowed minecraft roleplay server.


He forgets to watermark it, though, so the identity of the painter is lost with time. Most likely the painting will be too.





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