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In continuation of Vikela’s Fashion Guide






Gold takes center stage in Vikela, and with the abundant richness in our mines, it's essential to highlight it. Gold bands and headpieces, a common sight in "Avonlea" and royal headdresses, are a staple. In Vikela, there's a tradition where every newborn is adorned with hand-carved gold beads. These beads, created by the mother, are etched with runic qualities, symbolizing the desired qualities for the child – a clear head and a pure heart.


Among the accessories, you'll find gold necklaces, earrings, and bangles worn by both men and women. Scarves and sashes play a crucial role in adding vivid, glinting colors to adorn the body from head to foot. In Vikela, our jewelry tells stories and carries traditions, reflecting the richness of our culture.


In addition to the plentiful gold and silver, the grounds where Vikelians reside are graced with a bounty of crystals. Whether it's sheer luck or a blessing from the gods, these gems seem to sparkle abundantly and are easily found by those who seek them. This abundance of crystals has given rise to a thriving industry in jewelry-making within the city. Tiaras, necklaces, earrings, and the occasional experimental piece for weddings are common creations. Vikela has become a renowned destination for those seeking to purchase wedding rings or even coronation crowns, with each piece carrying a touch of the city's unique charm and the beauty of its natural treasures.


In Vikela, gems assume distinct ranks and statuses, serving as reflections of the intricate social structure ingrained in the community. Among the river people, amethyst stands as a common gem, easily accessible to many. The verdant emerald signifies a higher societal status, while the crest, a rare and cherished gem, forms the basis of their crystal jewelry.

The paramount figure in Vikela, the highest-ranking individual in the monarchy, dons a symbol of their esteemed position: a crystal butterfly. This butterfly gains its uniqueness from the gemstones embellishing its wings, each symbolizing a different rank within the people's society. Beyond being mere adornments, these gems serve as emblems of honor and privilege.


The selection of gemstones for the butterfly's wings holds profound cultural significance, with each gemstone carrying specific meanings and responsibilities within the monarchy:




Amethyst: The most common gemstone among the river people, amethyst signifies the foundation of their society, representing unity and community.


Emerald: Reserved for individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and service to the kingdom, the emerald symbolizes growth, prosperity, and leadership.


Sapphire: This deep blue gemstone represents wisdom, knowledge, and intellect. Those adorned with sapphires on the crystal butterfly are the scholars and advisors to the monarch, valued for their insight and guidance.


Ruby: The vibrant red of the ruby signifies courage, passion, and leadership. Those wearing rubies on the butterfly's wings are the brave warriors and defenders of the kingdom.


Diamond: The sparkling diamond epitomizes purity, transparency, and integrity. Those granted the diamond gem are the keepers of justice and law, ensuring fairness and honesty in the monarchy.


Pearl: Pearls, with their lustrous, iridescent beauty, symbolize diplomacy and grace. Those who wear pearls are the diplomats and negotiators responsible for maintaining peaceful relations with neighboring kingdoms.


Opal: Opals, known for their shifting colors, represent adaptability, creativity, and innovation. Those adorned with opals are the artists, inventors, and visionaries contributing to the kingdom's cultural and magical advancements.


Topaz: Topaz, with its warm golden hue, signifies generosity, prosperity, and philanthropy. Those with topaz gems are the benefactors and patrons of the kingdom, supporting social causes and charitable endeavors.


Amber: Amber, with its orange glow, embodies health, vitality, and rejuvenation. Those with amber prioritize the kingdom's well-being, overseeing healthcare, and promoting healthy living.




In conclusion, the ranking system within Vikela not only comprises the Vikelian's Crystal Court but also facilitates easy identification and communication with the appropriate individuals.




Lady Andria Aldin

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