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The Tournament of the Wee

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~* The Tournament of the Wee *~



These upcoming pumpkin days we invite good folk of Braevos to our humble Shire for a merry time.

There will be food and drinks for visitors as well for those who live in our lands.

Three major games will be held at the tournament, these will be:


1) Hog racing, contestants will ride hogs 'round the center

2) Shogging, a good ol' fashioned shog competition will take place afterwards

3) Drinking competition, lastly a drinking competition to see who's guts are stronger


Each winner will get a trophy and this year's title of champion for each game respectively.

If you want to participate, fill out the form bellow:

(Note: you can only participate in one game!)


RP Name:


Participating in:


We hope to see you all there!


(OOC: event at 3pm EST on Tuesday the 21st)

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RP Name: Moira Nimblefoot

Race: Forest Dwarf (honorary halfling fr)

Participating in: Drinking Contest (CHUG CHUG CHUG)

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RP Name: Ser Do’Spuds Loa’chil

Race: Musin

Participating in: Shogging

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