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The Haelun'or Gazette - Vol. VIII

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The Haelun’or Gazette

Published the 14th of  Snow's Maiden, Y. 156 S.A.




Important News and Events - Haelun’ors Local and Global news column

It seems the newest addition to our paper has resulted in some success! Congratulations to Carallia and Raelon, and we hope for them to have a strong and promising relationship. Perhaps a marriage is on the horizon in a few years time?


Caelia appears to be having incidents arise, with bandits seeming to swarm the new, crudely built valah vassal. From what we’ve gathered, they never quite seem to do much about these incidents, endangering the wellbeing of citizens of the Silver State! This looks to be an issue of laziness, as their city is constantly bursting with guards who do nothing but stand on the wall and gaze out at passersby.


In a recent diplomatic excursion conducted by the Rex of Krugmar and a following of his people, it has been called by his order that the Bronze Elves should not return to Haelun’or lest their hands be cut off. The new Rex did not seem to appreciate the Bands “Dual Citizenship” as it was said, stating that they must choose one home rather than two.


Sorcaril Sythaerin, the now former Okarir’sil of Haelun’or, went missing with no trace left only a year after his tenure began. We of the Gazette are saddened by the news, but welcome the promotion of the current Okarir’sil, Theveus Sythaerin. We can only hope Theveus does not meet a similar end to his kin.


On behalf of the Okarir’akaln, Yera Silvera, donate mina to the Empire today! Along with that, we encourage all citizens to participate in the Okarir’s merit system, where your contributions will be said in future volumes for the rest of Haelun’or to see.



Whispers in the Wind - Haelun’ors gossip column

The mysterious Talonnii, Brodielonde, has once again returned to Halaenor after their longest absence yet- two-hundred years spent on the waves, seeing the ‘Patriarch’ presumed lost at sea. Yet he has returned with a large brood of High Elven progeny. Many are left to once again speculate about this Talonnii..- where did they go, why have they returned- and who gave birth to all these children, including two sets of twins?


Maethor wanted to arrest a woman that looked at him badly. He initially chased after her to find out why she looked at him badly, but when he could not find her he came up with the idea to arrest her. By arresting her, he intended to learn why she didn't like him that way.  As he was just recently promoted to Asul'diraar, that should hold some concern. Along with this, Maethor has threatened Soris, another guard, as well as threatened his own kin due to a difference in opinion on how a situation should be handled. Maethor seems to have no care for diplomacy, causes new diplomatic issues left and right.



An Interview with Pamphilos Hyptos… 

Disclaimer: This interview was conducted before the recent disturbance involving the Hyptos.


Tell us about yourself.
I am Pamphilos! I was born in El'Cihi'Thilln, to a beautiful haelun. My father a fisher! Though he was absent on his trips, I was held well there, amongst my lliran the young Sullas and Caliths of my early youth. Though I was soon called by my father, and we sailed to distant lands on great odyssey. When I returned, an oem’ii of only fourty-seven, I met again with my lliran. Only some remembered me, but that was grand! For we had returned to our great lives of plenty, living in the blessings of Larihei's silver cihi. Song, poetry, and all the like. I suppose there, amongst my lads, the youth of the blessed Talonnii of El'Cihi, when we hefted bigly, lived, laughed, love, I was truly made! As that was when our greatest joys were had, and that when our greatest trials came. 

Writers note: We humbly apologize for the confusing wording you are about to endure.


What are your inspirations with your work?
This is my wealth: My spear and my shield. With this I trample sweet wine from the vine. With this I am called Master of Serfs. Those who do not choose to have a spear and sword, and fine shield of polished bronze to protect them, all cower at my knee and submit. Calling me master and great King I sought to expand Haelun'ors borders for the same aim any pure 'thilln should. For health and progress. will recall now, the words of my ancestor, My inspirations come from the deeds of Larihei, and of her strongest supporters those of our revered ancestors. In my travels, I have discovered how privileged we are to be only a few generations removed from the ethnogenesis of our race! Though with each successive passive, we seek to progress our purity, we must look back to the ways of the ancient elves who came before. How lady Larihei, first of Malin's generals, rebuked the impure stagnation of the father, and how she and her crew, her loyal band, submitted themselves to the purity of our golden waters. For in those ancient days, just as today, one can measure and quantify purity, and so they did. For it was our ancestors, most loyal to Larihei, who built the walls of our high cihi while she took them by tip of cruel spike, and zap of savage spell. It was Larihei, who gave to us what we have, and it is our ancus who bring her gift to the future! May it not be spoiled!


What are some things you would want to change, given the chance? 
There is very little I would wish to change with the system that is our blessed Haelun'cihi, instead, I would seek we return closer to that pure vision of progress and health of our maiden and those who had come before. Suffer not the impure. After all, we have the science, and we have the methods, and we have the means. I envision a time, when one can walk the street of el'cihi'thilln, and ne have to bare witness to the repugnant nature of the impure, the dragon worshipper, or the dark magician! After all, let us not forget the fate of Larihei, when she faced the vile impurity brewing in the first cihi. I would have tighter purity checks performed by licensed professionals who can accurately measure purity, and I would seek to have vessels of pure water which burn only the impure, whilst leaving the pure refreshed. Just as the ancestors intended.

Writers note: We find this mention of ‘pure water’ rather off for his character, as he himself once stated his discontentment at the abolishment of our archaic acid pits. He had even suggested we instate pits of hungry vipers to eat the impure. How grotesque… 


Do you have any close friends, and who might they be? 
My friends are numerous, yet sad to me is that many of them pass and go from our eternal Cihi. My closest comrades, since my earliest youth, have been Elarhil Sullas, Edgars An'asul, Luthriel Xataphon, Valazaer Calith, Seth Calith, and of course, all my neighbors. Never did I have any who sought me ill will, nor have I felt the same! After a/ll, we are neighbors. Our ancestors beloved one another, when we held one another with our prophetess.

Writers Note: We think you may lack the llir you claim to heave.


Do you purposefully put on an act of being boisterous because you seem to lack maternal love and affection?
Nei! I need not put on a boisterous act, as we are mali of silver. Our souls are silver, and we have the power to experience the full length and breadth of every emotion. To repress oneself is ne the same as being stoic. Being stoic is to be able to maintain your purest, truest form, even when one is troubled. It is true, while I was on Odysea with my father, my haelun, who loved me very much, had vanished, leaving me in charge of the home. My father was taken by sirens, and I fear my love is taken by impurities! 


Writers Final Note: We merely changed some of the spelling  for correction within the interview. He writes like this, and seems to not be able to keep with a singular phrase. He has been heard numerous times switching between ‘mali of silver’, ‘mali of the sun’, and ‘mali of gold’. Many of the things he has stated, we do not share the same mindset as he.



Miss Matchmaker

Curunir Maeyr’onn
A diligent Sillumir, tall, pure, brooding. Piercing yellow eyes and luscious blonde locks. Stern, but gentle-hearted with time. Enjoys long walks on the beach, poetry, and preserving the culture of the ‘thill. His weaknesses are gifts of roses and other classic romantic gestures.


Ashwyn Sythaerin
A scholar (unemployed individual) within the Sythaerin talonii, with flaxen hair and golden eyes. She has an affinity for literature and science. It is said she quite enjoys poems written in honor of herself.


‘N’tellahr’ Faust
A member of the Sillumir working under Theveus Sythaerin, bearing dusty blond hair and green eyes. The new member of our city even has a small goatee, making him an interesting sight to see. He is an avid reader, with a liking for fine alcohol. We have heard he quite enjoys waltzing in the firelight.


Maethor Sythaerin
A man of much concern among citizens, an Asul’diraar within the ranks of the Sillumir. He is a man often seen speaking with multiple ‘ame women at various times, with little interests besides women and fighting, even with his own kin.


Ildilyntra Uhierir 
The mysterious, unseen Okarir’tayna, with a porcelain complexion complimenting silver hair and green eyes. With unwavering loyalty to the Empire, she is a custodian of the past who weaves the threads of time into great kept narrative. She enjoys receiving dedications of scientific or literary works as a form of devotion to love.



And now, onto the Gazette’s public questionnaire: Who is…

It seems that our dearest readers are once again torn as this poll resulted in a fair few ties, one being split between four individuals! 


The fairest of all has been split between Yera Silveira, Elarhil Sullas, Cresence Tinuviel’vihai, and Carallia Maeyr’onn!


The second poll, asking who is most likely to be disowned, was won by none other than Theveus Sythaerin! Quite a shock, considering certain events..


And finally, the most likely to eat a poisoned apple by accident was Liamme Elbar and N’tellahr Faust!


Onto this editions polls!


Who is… most likely to be executed for impurity?
Who is… the most gullible in elchihi?
Who is… the most charitable?


This edition of the Gazette was graciously written by:

 - Boniber’an
 - Clives

Would you like to see your own entry in the Gazette?

Send a letter into the Gazette Dropbox


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Liamme took a bite of an apple, the pages of The Haelun'or Gazette rustling as he flipped to the back of the newspaper. Just as he was about to finish the paper, his brows drew together. He once more looked over the section, then to the apple.




He tossed the apple to the pigs and hopped down the fence.

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Yera chokes on her drink. "Fairest??" She peers at the bloody scene before her then back at the paper. 

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"I was right to have my doubts with the state of mind of the writers! Cousin was right! This gazette turned into quite the rag!" Pamphilos scratched his cheek, only disappointed to see the state of journalism in el'cihi... He gets the bright idea to start publishing real news!'


"There are serpents running the media! AND they want to curse your oem'ii and your bloodlines! I seen their blood rights! Anonymous sources provided recordings!" He grinned, knowing what must be done to blow the conspiracies wide open

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20 hours ago, SteppeNomad said:

Anonymous sources provided recordings!


A Watcher wakes from a plagued sleep, rubbing at his forehead as dim, stellar light recedes from his gaze. He ponders the arcane shifts in the Veil that infests his slumbering senses, and the truths they reveal to him, as Haus mutters...


"What is a recording?"

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