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A Call for Medics! Bandaids-Beware


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Published; On the Fifth of the First Seed, of Year 156 upon the Second Age


ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya”









In the grand and hallowed halls of Celia'nor, under the august guidance of Her Ladyship Irelia Py'lrie, distinguished Laurir Kaliri of the Royal Council and the venerable steward of the esteemed Celia'norian medicinal clinic, a noble decree now graces the realm. With unfettered pride and boundless joy, this missive bears testament to an invitation extended to all denizens of our cherished realm, beckoning them to heed the sacred calling of the healing arts and join the esteemed ranks of the clinic.


At the behest of the clinic, this proclamation resonates throughout the kingdom, extending a gracious invitation to all souls aspiring to partake in the noble service of the medical practice, regardless of their familiarity with the realm of medicinal arts. Regular classes, guided by the unparalleled wisdom of the Py'lrie Matriarch, stand as a beacon of enlightenment. Within these hallowed walls, aspirants shall be nurtured and schooled in the refined artistry of herbs and the sacred tapestry of health.


Those who heed this summons and pledge their allegiance to this noble cause shall shoulder the solemn responsibility of safeguarding the health and well-being of Celia'nor's cherished populace. From tending to the mundane maladies of everyday life to confronting the harrowing specter of dire injuries, their service shall be revered and held in the highest esteem. Within the guild of healers, respect and gratitude shall be their cherished companions, bestowed upon them in recognition of their selfless dedication in nurturing the vibrant vitality of our beloved denizens.


For those impassioned by this noble vocation, a simple missive to Lady Irelia Py'lrie or the illustrious Highness, Illyria Ibarellan, shall pave the way to an esteemed and honored position within the clinic. Thus, through this missive, a clarion call echoes across the realm, inviting noble souls to embrace the sacred mantle of healing and service within the revered precincts of our cherished clinic.








Her Excellency, the Honourable Princess Royarch, Illyria Ibarellan, The Prophesied, The Reclaimer and Phoenix of the Principality of Celia’nor


Irelia Py’lrie , Second Matriarch of the Py’lrie, The Oversight and Head Clinician of the Celia’nor Health Institution and Laurir Kaliri of the Royal Council of the Principality of Celia’nor



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Illynora Sylvaeri, Healer on High for the company of healers known as Serinwë's Hand, resolved to visit this new clinic. There were many out there who might benefit from the provision of healing knowledge and supplies.

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