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On this 13th day of Vzmey ag Hyff of 505 E.S.



The tragic tale of love between a leading lady and a foreign, corrupted, prince. While the rumored romance of this play is in fact true, it was altered in many ways to the point it is no longer a tale of truth. The plot is purely fiction and must be treated as such. 


Krusae zwy Kongzem.



Somewhere between the 1820s to 1830s in the Royal City of Karosgrad, Haense. Acts One and Three are in the royal gardens behind the Nikirala Palace while Acts Two and Four are in Vidaus, one outside and one inside respectively. Everything is occurring during the very first Lifstala, between the social matchmaking events. 




TATIANA: A blonde woman of Ruthern descent. 


ANTONIUS: The Prince of Vîlachia, a dangerous and conniving man. 


EMMA: A friendly woman of Kortrevich descent.


MARIC: The Duke of Vidaus, father to Tatiana.


NURSE: The childhood caretaker of Tatiana. 


JAN: The Count of Jerovitz, an honorable suitor looking for a love match.



ACT 1 | The Garden


(The curtain opens to a garden. TATIANA and ANTONIUS walk on stage together from stage right.) 


ANTONIUS: “Come, Tatiana, give me your hand, and let's walk side by side. I hope you won't feel embarrassed to stroll. It's just us here.”


TATIANA: (Takes hold of ANTONIUS’s hand) “What's going on?”


ANTONIUS: (Pauses middle stage, taking both of TATIANA’s hands in his own) “Honestly, I mean no harm.”


TATIANA: “Harm?”


ANTONIUS: “No, I mean well. How are you feeling?”


TATIANA: “I hope you're not going mad.”


ANTONIUS: “I am not. I am just unwell.”


TATIANA: “I hope not…”


ANTONIUS: (Pauses for a moment) “I think you love me, Tatiana.” 


TATIANA: (Looks shocked out towards the audience) “What?”


ANTONIUS: “You're beautiful.”


TATIANA: “Well, it seems you have a lively illness then.”


ANTONIUS: (Let’s go of TATIANA'S hand, walking stage left further.) “It depends. The poets say the most beautiful smile is among Saint Julia, but I would swear that your smile surpasses even hers.”


TATIANA: “Well, this is quite charming.”


ANTONIUS: (Begins to swoon her) “Your eyes are like two bright stars that, if gently gazed upon, could bring life to lifeless objects.”


TATIANA: (Becomes flustered) “Oh, stop it!”


ANTONIUS: “The rose on your cheeks, and your lips would tempt a king. Your hands would make a commoner lose his innocence.”


TATIANA: “Are you mocking or flattering me?”


ANTONIUS: “If you want to see beauty more perfect than what art or nature can create, just look in your mirror and see it.”


TATIANA: “You're quite the charmer.”


ANTONIUS: (Pulls a knife from his belt, holding it out to her.) “Here, take my dagger.”


TATIANA: “What for?”


ANTONIUS: (Puts his fist to his heart) “And here's my chest, strike it! Open my heart, and you'll see the truth of my words. Why are you hesitating?”


TATIANA: “Are you serious?”


ANTONIUS: “Yes, very serious. Can't you love me?”


TATIANA: “Love whom?”


ANTONIUS: (Tosses the knife to the side, wailing)  “Me! Oh, Tatiana, I'm utterly undone! My love for you and the sight of your timeless beauty has disrupted the harmony of my life. Why won't you strike?”


TATIANA: “Please, may mercy prevent it!”


ANTONIUS: “This is no time for jesting. I've concealed my feelings for too long, and they've nearly consumed me. I've spent countless nights in silent sighs and groans, pondering my thoughts, defying my fate, reasoning against my love, and following all the virtuous advice, but it's all been in vain. It's my destiny that you must either love me or I must die.”


TATIANA: “Are you saying this sincerely?”


ANTONIUS: “I swear on my life that I'm not pretending.”


TATIANA: (Sighs greatly, turning away from ANTONIUS) “You are to be wed to another, Antonius.”


ANTONIUS: (Gets down on his knees, taking up his knife again and holding it up to TATIANA) “I know that, and for this very reason, you should love me even more. It was nature's intention when she created you to be mine. I love you, and it's only right. I will, and I will. Must I live or die now?”


TATIANA: (Turns back to ANTONIUS, taking the knife and throwing it off stage) “Live! You've won the battle without even fighting. What you've said has already won over my heart. I blush to admit it, but I'll tell you now that for every sigh you've given me, I've returned ten. For every tear, I've shed twenty. And not so much because I loved you, but because I couldn't admit it, or even think about it.”


ANTONIUS: (Lowers his head and begins to pray) “Let this not be a dream, please, God, for the sake of pity”


TATIANA: “Do you mean this in all truth, then?”


ANTONIUS: “In all honesty, I do, and I hope you do too. 


TATIANA: (Takes ANTONIUS’s hands, pulling him to his feet.) “I swear it.”


ANTONIUS: “Then… (He kisses her.) “Let us be, till the Skies call us back.” 


TATIANA: “Whatever you wish, Antonius!”


ANTONIUS: “Come, let's learn to court each other with smiles, to kiss, and to dream together.”


(TATIANA and ANTONIUS both leave the stage right, holding each other's hands. The curtain closes)


ACT 2 | The Letter


(The curtain opens now in Vidaus, TATIANA and her father, DUKE MARIC, are meeting in the courtyard with EMMA.)


EMMA: (Walks onto the stage from stage left, holding a folded piece of paper) “Lovely Tatiana, here's a letter sent to you by my brother. I can swear he loves you with all his soul. I wish you could hear the sighs and see the tears he sheds daily as if his heart were a prison for his feelings.”


MARIC: “Please, Tatiana, receive the letter.”


TATIANA: (Took the letter from EMMA) “Alas, kind Emma, Nurse!” (She shouted stage right)


NURSE: (Enters from stage right) “Did you call?”


TATIANA: (Hands the NURSE her letter) “Keep this letter.”


EMMA: “Your Grace, in that case, ask her to read it right now.”


MARIC: “Keep it for what? Please read it here.”


TATIANA: (Pauses, taking the letter back from NURSE with a loud sigh) “I will, Father. (She reads, her face contorting as she continues to read)


EMMA: (Leans over to MARIC, stage whispering) “What do you think, Duke Maric? How does she seem inclined?”


MARIC: (Stage whispers back to EMMA) “Honestly, Lady Emma, I'm not quite sure. Not as well as I would hope.”


TATIANA: (Folds the letter up and pulls a necklace out, dangling it in center stage) “Emma, I must express my gratitude to your brother. I'll return the jewel, for if he loves me, I consider that love a priceless gem.”


EMMA: “Keep them both, dear girl.”


TATIANA: “You must forgive me, but I really can't keep it.”


MARIC: (Scoffs angrily) “Well, what do you have to say about Jan’s love? Are you willing to marry him? Speak girl.”


EMMA: “That's the question indeed.”


MARIC: “Well, what is it? Why don't you speak?”


TATIANA: “Father, with your permission—do you grant me the freedom to speak?”


MARIC: “Yes, you have it.”


TATIANA: “Lady Emma, if your brother intends to improve his fortunes through marriage, his affection for me might hinder such an aspiration. If you truly care for him, as I know you do, find someone more suitable for him than me. In short, I'm sure I won't be his wife.”


EMMA: “This is plain speaking. I commend you for it. May God bless you.” 


(EMMA exists the stage from stage left, and MARIC and NURSE follow. TATIANA stays to be joined by ANTONIUS from stage right.)


ANTONIUS: “Whose jewel is that?”


TATIANA: “It belongs to some Lord.”


ANTONIUS: (Grabs the necklace from TATIANA) “I suspected as much.”


TATIANA: “A passionate young man, Lord Jan, gave it to me to wear in anticipation of our wedding.”


ANTONIUS: (His face turns red) “But you won't wear it. Send it back to him.”


TATIANA: “Are you jealous?’


ANTONIUS: “You'll find out soon when we have more time. Welcome, sweet night!”


(ANTONIUS forcefully pulls TATIANA off stage. The curtain closes.)


ACT 3 | The Plight 


(The curtain opens to the same garden as Act 1. This time TATIANA is storming on stage and JAN is following)


TATIANA: (Pauses center stage, spinning around) “Sir, what do you want with me?”


JAN: “Don't you know what I'm going to tell you?”


TATIANA: “Yes, you'll say you love me.”


JAN: “And I'll swear it as well. Will you believe it?”


TATIANA: “It's not a matter of faith.”


JAN: “Don't you want to love?”


TATIANA: (Crossed her arms defensively) “Not with you”


JAN: “Then who?”


TATIANA: “That's up to fate.”


JAN: “What do you mean Tatiana?”


TATIANA: “I will live and die a maiden.”


JAN: (Gasps, shocked) “Oh, that's inappropriate. If you could see my heart, you would swear—”


TATIANA: “That you were dead.”


JAN: (Begins to cry) “—Do you see these tears of true love?”


TATIANA: (Turns her head away) “No.”


JAN: (Gets down on his knees, beginning to beg TATIANA) “I plead for your mercy.”


TATIANA: “But I say nothing.”


JAN: “Please grant my request.”


TATIANA: “What is it?”


JAN: “To let me live—”


TATIANA: (Turns back around, staring down at him angrily) “Then live!”


JAN: “—By your side.”


TATIANA: “That's not mine to grant.”


JAN: “Tatiana, stop these futile verbal battles, know that I've loved you sincerely and for a long time. It's not what you have but who you are that has drawn me to you. I'm lovesick about you!”


TATIANA: (Calls off stage) “Bring some brandy!”


JAN: (Stands up) “What do you mean?”


TATIANA: (Looked innocently towards JAN) “I thought you were unwell.”


JAN: (Grabs his chest with his fists) “Are you mocking my love? These scornful taunts don't befit your modesty or your age.”


TATIANA: “To put your doubts to rest, my lord, I believe your common sense should make you understand that if I loved you or desired your love, I would have found a better way to show it. But since you are a nobleman, and I wouldn't wish for you to waste your youth in hope, let me advise you to abandon your pursuit. Understand that I mean well when I tell you this.”


JAN: “Is it you who speaks like this?”


TATIANA: “Yes, it's me. But know this, I'll give you some comfort, if my eyes could have chosen a husband from among all those who courted me, it would have been you. Let that be enough. Be discreet in your silence and be wise. One more thing: for the sake of virtue, noble actions, and your desire for me to know that you love me, don't let my father find out about this from you. If I ever discover that I must marry, it will be either you or no one.”


JAN: “I accept that promise.”


TATIANA: (One of her hands raises to rest on her cheek, suddenly distraught) “Oh, my head!”


JAN: (Reaches out to hold up TATIANA as she begins to faint) “What's wrong? Are you unwell?”


TATIANA: “Oh, I'm starting to feel sick.” 


JAN: (Shouts off stage) “Help, help, someone!”




MARIC: “Support her, my daughter is fainting!”


ANTONIUS: (Helps JAN, a worried look across his face) “Tatiana, how are you?”


TATIANA: “I'm ill. Antonius, are you there?”


MARIC: “Take her to bed immediately while I send for a physician. Quickly!”


NURSE: “Oh, poor child!”


(TATIANA is pulled off stage by JAN and MARIC, leaving NURSE and ANTONIUS center stage)


NURSE: “Oh, sir, we're all in trouble, completely ruined, utterly undone, and forever shamed.”


ANTONIUS: (Grabs the NURSE by the shoulders, shaking her) “What happened? For god's sake, tell me. What is wrong with her?”


NURSE: (Begins to wail, clasping her hands together in prayer) “God save me! I was born to witness this day.”


ANTONIUS: (His tone demanding) She's not dead, is she? Is she?”


NURSE: “Dead? No, she's alive. It's worse—she's pregnant. You know what you've done. May the Skies forgive you! It's too late for regrets now. God help us!”


ANTONIUS: (Freezes, letting NURSE go) “Pregnant? How do you know?”


NURSE: “How do I know? Am I at my age ignorant of what morning sickness and labor pains mean? The change in her complexion, nausea, vomiting, and a certain other sign I could mention? Don't waste time asking how and why. I assure you, she's pregnant. If you let a doctor examine her, you're done for.”


ANTONIUS: “Then give her my regards and tell her not to worry. Don't let the doctor see her. I forbid it. Make an excuse until I return. Oh, I have so much on my mind! This news troubles me greatly. If her father comes to her, tell him she has recovered well. Say it was just due to some bad food. Do you understand, woman? Take care of it.”


NURSE: “I will, sir.”


(NURSE exists stage, following the men and TATIANA)


ANTONIUS: I must think fast, I must make a plan. 


(The curtain closes on ANTONIUS looking out at the audience)


ACT 4 | The Attack


(The curtain rises to inside a tower in Vidaus, TATIANA rests on a bed and ANTONIUS enters stage right)


TATIANA: (Sits up straight) “What is it you are doing here? You’ve forced my Nurse into confining me to a room! Not even my father has come to bid me well.”


ANTONIUS: “So soon changed? Has your new spirited lord discovered some nighttime tricks that we, in our simplicity, couldn't conceive? Or has the moment come for you to betray your past vows and oaths?”


TATIANA: “Why do you jest at my misfortune, without any awareness of the impending dangers you face?”


ANTONIUS: “What danger is greater than your betrayal? You've become an unfaithful lover. Otherwise, you would know that malice and treachery would bow to my stern intentions. And now, you want to be virtuous, is that your resolve?”


TATIANA: (Takes hold of ANTONIUS’s hands, still in bed.) “Antonius, understand what I have been, and know that our destruction is imminent. Let's not waste these precious hours in idle talk. I have been locked in my chamber, free of any persons, and others will soon have access. Don't be deceived, Antonius; prepare yourself for it.”


ANTONIUS: “Very well then.” (His demeanor changes) “Do you think we would recognize each other in another life?”


TATIANA: “We will.”


ANTONIUS: “Have you heard that?”


TATIANA: “Indeed.”


ANTONIUS: “Do you think I'll see you there? Can we kiss, chat, laugh, or do as we do here?”


TATIANA: “I don't know about that, but for now, what are you planning to do to save yourself from danger?”


ANTONIUS: (Begins to tear up) “Look up, look here. What do you see in my face?”


TATIANA: “A distressed countenance.”


ANTONIUS: “Anguish, a quick and bitter rage. But look, what do you see in my eyes?”


TATIANA: “It seems like you're crying.”


ANTONIUS: (From behind ANTONIUS’s back he pulls out his knife) “Indeed, these are funeral tears shed on your grave. They flowed down my cheeks when I first fell in love as they do now. All the saints in the air, and everything else that exists, can bear witness that day and night, early and late, these tears, which now mourn for you, have been the tribute paid by my heart to your love. Nature had never tried so hard to showcase a matchless beauty to the world, only to have it snatched away in an instant by the jealousy of fates. Pray, Tatiana, pray. Since we must part, go to the skies, innocent and pure. Pray, pray!”


TATIANA: (Let’s go of ANTONIUS, moving back in the bed) “I see your intentions now, you blessed saints, protect me!” (clasps her hands together in prayer) 


ANTONIUS: “If, in the future, people hear about our deep affection, even though the laws of conscience and civil society may rightly condemn us, once they know about our love, it will soften the severity. Kiss me again. Forgive me.”


TATIANA: (Kisses ANTONIUS) “With all my heart.”


ANTONIUS: “Farewell.”


TATIANA: “Are you leaving?”


ANTONIUS: (Brings the knife up) “O bright sun, become dark and turn this midday into the night so that your golden rays won't witness an act that will tarnish them more. One more kiss, Tatiana”


TATIANA: (Does not kiss him) “What do you mean?”


ANTONIUS: “To protect your honor and end your life with a kiss.” (Stabs her) “Thus you shall die, by my hand. Revenge is mine, and love commands honor.”


TATIANA: (Gasps, blood pools from her chest) “Oh, Antonius, by your hand?”


ANTONIUS: “I'll provide the reasons once you're dead. Arguing with your lovely beauty, even in death, would make me hesitate to perform this act that I take great pride in.”


TATIANA: “Forgive him, God, and me for my sins. Farewell, unkind Antonius. Mercy, please, mercy! O!” (Passes out)


ANTONIUS: “She's dead…” (Turns towards the audience for his line) “The unfortunate fruit in her womb, given life by me, now has a cradle and a grave because of me. Fair Tatiana, you are over-glorious in your wounds, triumphing over infamy and hatred. Don't hesitate; Die in peace.”


(Curtains close) 


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Theodosya Amador read over the script of her friend. An audible gulp erupted from the red-head as she pondered if she needed to wear a blonde wig for her role in such an occasion.

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