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The Moon's Quill Edition I

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[!] A letter is distributed to each residence, the palace, and scattered around the kingdom for all to read. The distributor remains unknown.





Edition I





Dear Readers,

In our Kingdom's past, the Haeseni Hearsay existed, for what I believe, to spread negativity. Now, a new day has risen. In place of the prior Haeseni Hearsay, I have begun to pen the Moon's Quill letters, and distribute them around the kingdom for all to read. Let them serve as a source of entertainment, news, and advice for the citizens of Haense. Though my identity shall remain unknown to my readers, you may refer to me as Lady Moon - the writer of the Moon’s Quill Letters. By remaining anonymous, I hope to write my words freely and honestly.


Why the Moon’s Quill? Why Lady Moon, you may ask. The answer, I shall provide. I believe the moon to be a powerful and wise entity. Some may view it as just a rock in our night sky, but I see it as more. It is a symbol of great femininity and wisdom - two values I wish these letters to hold. Often, I find myself looking to the moon to provide me with the answers I seek. Sometimes, I even feel it speaking back to me. My hope is to reflect the ways of the Moon within my letters, spreading useful advice to all. Friendships will be made, bridges will be built, and lessons will be learned. Love, friendship, recipes, and more are all you will find me writing about.


In my next letters, I will share things I have learned, or things I find fascinating. I wish for all in this Great Kingdom to partake in the writing of my letters. Send in your queries and await my response. All will be listened to with care. 


In a time ruled by politics, darkness, and hate, let me remind you of the good we have in our world.

Yours truly, 

Lady Moon, Writer of the Moon’s Quill


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The former Lady Hearsay smiled upon the missive, nodding in approval. "What ein dobry idea," She mused. "This kongzem could use some light."

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The Queen could not help but smile, brushing her fingers over the neatly written parchment. Brimming with pride, she sets off to pen the column’s author.

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