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1350 A.H. - Present



From Ashes, We Rise



It has brought me nothing but great distress and the most heartfelt grief to hear that you have taken the side of the Veletzians. 

To side with the men who slaughtered my son, your cousin- you may as well have taken my boy’s head yourself.


I had forgiven your residence in Veletz, under the assumption that you were true to your mercantile roots.

I had prepared to welcome your Carrion woman to Mondstadt. I was ready to accept her as an in-law and a niece, should you have brought her to Haense.

I entrusted you with my youngest child’s care because he loved you, despite your questionable fealty. 

You swore loyalty to the anathema men who murdered my Benedict’s brother.


Allow me to swear on my name as an Amador, for I will never be so tolerant again.

Should you ever try to speak to one of my children, of blood or adoption, again,

I will not rest until your head has been taken and personally presented to me.


You are no Amador.

You will not rise.

You will remain ash.




Her Ladyship, Liridona Ingrid Amador, The Gem of Amador


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Theodosya Amador wondered how someone who used to bear the name 'Amador' could side with the nation that harbored her attackers.

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“I will personally take his head,” uttered the Count Colborn, Liridona’s firstborn. “He deserves everything bad thing coming to him.”


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Benny was too stunned to speak. Shocked, astounded, gob smacked, flabbergasted even. Nevertheless, his mother always told the truth. He could always trust her. But, what about Uncle Bo? Is he truly as treasonous as cousin Henrik's and his mother's treatises make him to be? But, what of his late brother? Who was slain in battle whilst fighting for his nation and family? 

A long few minutes had passed once he had read the missive.
"Maybe...maybe he has a reason...da? Maybe if he apologizes everything will be ordak. H-he just needs to apologize to Mamej, Cozin Henrik...and Cozin Teddy." 

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Bo would be sat upon the training yard of Castle Brasca as he reads the missive his helmet would sit in tow beside him.


The sounds of swords clashing as the men and women prepare for battle bearing the purple black tabbard. 


Bo goes standing to the wall as he looks upon his levy "It seems we have a fight but not one that will be of the fun kind." Laughing could be heard among the levy. 


"My Aunt has vowed to take my head!" He would call out among the men and women training."We shall die to defend this keep as this is where House Brasca has given us home and shes has let us stay within her keep feed and given us shelter. I shall nae falter in our quest you shall all be granted a place alongside me when we cement our names in history!" 


The levy would explode into a loud "Hurrah!"


Bo would climb down from the wall. Retreated to his room within the keep to make preparations for the upcoming days.


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Henrik knelt before his mother’s grave in the nation she once fought for, clasping a sword belonging to his ancient namesake. 


For my king’s peace,” he prayed. 


For the mercy I will not have.”

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