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A Melody Must Have an End [PK]


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A Melody Must Have an End 


How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.


The flood of memories rushes by, giving one last adieu 


“Oh! My little butterfly!” a Voice came, my dearest aunt “Come give Aunty a hug” My earliest memory by far, the woman always came running over with that big childish grin of hers and would swoop me into her arms just as she did now but as she got to me the scene changed. 

“Grandmama?...” My grandmother passed away and my mother was struck by grief. I had stayed with my aunt for a long time, so long, and my mother followed not long after, my father was never around. I was left alone, or so I thought. 

“Look what I've brought for you! It's your favourite, but don't tell your mother” Sweets were held in front of me by my dearest aunt, a woman who never let her smile fall in front of me, it was infectious indeed, I was not much of a people person at all, but looking back at it I missed out on a lot, and now all I have is regrets on not trying to do more with my life while I had the chance


“It's alright, you alright, things will get better soon” My last memory came to play, my aunt hugging me while we were in our darkest hours.


Falling into complete utter oblivion, 

My eyes slowly fell due to my attacker's actions, but it wasn't all bad, I got to see the birds fly one last time before nothingness.


Greyed skin and life taken by force, a body was found under the gate arch of Vikela, this body was unfamiliar to most, but to those who knew the woman, to Medea who found the young woman she was almost unrecognisable Melody de Astrea, she was drained of all blood, with two puncture wounds upon her neck an obvious attacker. However, that did not seem to be the killing blow. Whether or not this was the work of one person or if there was someone else to give the final kill would never be known, From the look of her dissected body it seemed as if someone had studied it like she was someone's science project, she did not at all look like her former self anymore, and the only thing left behind by the sick attacker was a note simply saying.

 “Thank you for participating” 

As if it had been all but a game to them, maybe to taunt the deceased loved ones more


Melody de Astrea had not lived a long fulfilling life, before this horrid day, she had already been withering away from poor health, her time had already been approaching but it seemed someone had plans to bring her demise much, much sooner. 


For she had been expecting her demise due to her health a singular letter had already been written to whom she cared for most, to who had looked after her, but sadly this letter had never been finished 


Dearest aunt Medea

You looked after me like I was your own, and for such I can't thank you enough, our fates intertwined from my birth, I would have felt so lost if you had left me alone, being born as your niece had been the greatest treasure to me, to be able to grow and follow you, you shaped my life, but if my time does come to pass by, I wish you to know to look to the skies in hopes a bird flies by, I watched from the window as the birds flew by gliding through the shadows of the clouds up in the sky, I've laid my memories and dreams upon their wings, and in my dearest memories, I see you reaching out to me, and if I should leave this lonely world behind I hope for you to only carry on and remember that…


[!] the letter incomplete one would never know what the dying woman had been trying to say at the end of her letter to her aunt. 




[!] With her Body now buried Melodies of life now gilded forever more amongst the winds of time. 


Sleep well little butterfly, Melody de Astrea





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Medea had just finished burying her niece before heading into Melody's room, looking at the place, taking in the memories, her eyes were red from crying. She took a seat on Melody's bed before seeing the note that was left for her. The elf then picked up the letter and red through it, tears once again began streaming down her face, doing her best to hold back her screams of pain, losing a child that she loved as her own was too much for her. She hugged the letter close to her heart "Its not fair...come back to me my butterfly...please come back to auntie.." She cried out in the empty room, a place that holds nothing more than memories of her beloved niece now. "Mother...sister...another butterfly is on her way to join you in the stars now...please...take care of her and let her rest...one day we will all be reunited...but for now take care of another of our butterflies..."  Medea would sink into the bed her niece once laid on, feeling her heart sink because of losing another family member.

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Somewhere far away, where the beach meets forest, a former patriarch sat next to a grave, atop planted a small purple heart tree. He drank a beer (this individual brewed it himself!) out of a coconut; blissfully unknown to these events or the end of his daughter’s bloodline. Hopefully, his daughter, granddaughter and wife were together wherever was after the mortal coil.

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The great druid of Crows and Ravens and Rooks bows his head solemnly. He hasn't seen his son in decades, the last remnants of his past life had been in his granddaughter. Waves of regret wash over him, how much time could he have spent with her? How could he have wasted her precious and fleeting life like this, how could he have dared to not play a bigger role? His own granddaughter! 

Fal'leon slumps against the back of his dining room chair, alone in his seed hall, forefinger and thumb pinching the bridge of his nose. The life he had abandoned continues to wither and die without his presence, and despite his confidence in his choices, he laments not taking more with him. An era was ending swiftly, only one of the lineage of his time as Minister remained standing. Silently, he swears to himself to play a bigger roll in the last one standings' life.

First, however, he sits before the totem of  Kholibrii, the mani of Melody's lineage, and places Calla Lily before her visage. "Kholibrii, adont’ahern Melody aher perith'leh. Ito talonnii narne, ame nae evareh..." He hesitates, drawing in a breath before folding the news of her death and setting it among the million other letters he's received as of late. "Llun ito kae'leh, Lenniel... kae'leh div'ito..."



jk love u pixie  remember to do your seed trials!!


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