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The Departure of our Palatiodora

The Palatio Arancione

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IN THE ESTEEMED HALLS OF the Palatio Arancione, it is with both solemnity and gratitude that we announce the abdication of Her Highness, Princess Mischa, from her esteemed position as Palatiodora. Her decision to step down is met with understanding and respect from the Court, acknowledging the weight of her responsibilities and the sacrifices made in the service of the kingdom. Under her guidance, the court evolved into an exemplar of efficiency, decorum, and a paragon of the kingdom's values.


Princess Mischa has been a beacon of dedication and tireless effort over the past decade, diligently fulfilling her duties with grace and wisdom. Her commitment to the well-being of the people of Balian has left an indelible mark on the hearts of those she served. Her Highness's hard work has not only shaped the present but has set a precedent for future leaders in the kingdom. The legacy of Princess Mischa will resonate through the annals of Balian's history, inspiring generations to come. Il Courta Cometa extends its heartfelt gratitude for the enduring impact she has had on the prosperity and harmony of our beloved kingdom.


As Princess Mischa steps away from her formal role, we wish her tranquility and fulfillment in the chapters that unfold in her personal journey. May her days be adorned with the same spirit of benevolence and strength that characterized her time as Palatiodora.


In accordance with the traditions of Balian, the Council of Monterosa will initiate the process of selecting a successor who will carry forward the torch of leadership with the same dedication and selflessness that Princess Mischa exemplified.


May the blessings of the realm accompany Princess Mischa in all her future endeavors.




A LETTER FROM HER HIGHNESS, Princess Mischa of Illatia




A painting of Her Highness performing.

(Théodore Chassériau)


As I pen these words, my heart is heavy with both sorrow and gratitude. It is with a bittersweet sentiment that I announce my departure from the esteemed court and beloved kingdom of Balian. The decision to step away from the role of Palatiodora has not been an easy one, but I believe it is a necessary step for both myself and the realm.


When I first joined the court, I embarked on a mission to rework and rejuvenate it, aspiring to create an environment that could cultivate and inspire the wonderful people of Balian. The journey has been arduous yet profoundly fulfilling. I am proud to say that together, we have transformed a court that was in disarray into a bastion of unity, excellence, and magnificence. Each step we took, each challenge we faced, was a testament to the strength and resilience of the Balianese spirit.


Now, as I bid farewell to the court, I do so with a heavy heart but also with the knowledge that the seeds we planted together will continue to flourish. The time has come for me to return to my tower in Haense and resume my role as the Court Astronomer. The stars have always been my guiding companions, and it is under their watchful gaze that I shall continue my work, ever dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.


My love for the people of Balian runs deep, and the warmth and kindness you have shown me will forever be etched in my heart. Your welcoming spirit, your resilience, and your commitment to the well-being of this kingdom have been a constant source of inspiration. I am grateful to have been embraced by the Balianese as one of your own. Though I may no longer serve in the court, my connection to Balian remains unbroken. The tapestry of memories we've woven together will endure, and I carry the lessons learned and the bonds forged with me on my journey. 


The stars may guide me back to my tower, but a piece of my heart will forever remain in Balian.


With deepest gratitude and affection,







Writing: Melpomenne
Formatting: Esotericas


I’ve had nothing but fun reworking the courts and spending time in Balian. Thank you all for being so kind, welcoming, and patient. The creativity in your community is heartwarming, and I can only hope it continues! b(~_^)d






Her Royal Highness, SIBYL GWYNETH, 

Princess of Monterosa, Duchess of Atrus, Head of the Palatio Arancione




Princess of Haense, Duchess of Greywyn, Countess of Florentine



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Lucian Alexander d'Viuva reads over the missive with interest, he cannot help but smile as he reads the address of the Princess.

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Lalina would salute the Princess' departure from court. She gently shook her head at the thought of Balian losing such greatness.


"A shame to see her go, she did well and it will be hard to follow in those footsteps for the next person."

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Godwin Almireson, who had recently become affiliated with Princess Mischa's government body, is torn. He never got to speak with her, never got to meet her, but he was excited to work alongside her.

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