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Newspapers are spread throughout Aevos.

They’re made of two sheets of cheap paper, simply stacked and folded together and yet they are

surprisingly colorful, with doodles and familiar drawings! Could this be… no way!

Issue Azhty’Gakh (XIII) — Azh’Kint’H’ty’H’FUTH (CLIX) D.A.


A New Clan in Krugmar

In the holy deserts near San’Brîu, the endless caves still bear secrets that —it seems— only time will reveal to us. Ash of these secrets was the unexpected existence of an entire community of orcs agh former snagas [slaves; it is assumed that all former slaves are now honorary orcs] lurking, klomping, thriving in the deep caves below the now fallen Kazin’Kul Clan’s halls.

But the goblins among them were curious, agh with Krug’s blood running through their hearts they found the courage to find the surface, agh so the Vinteki learned of our existence agh we of theirs. Upon hearing the Yar horn calling them to wagh, the Vinteki Clan fully surfaced to join the Iron Horde for the great future which awaits us.


The Vinteki Clan, currently strong of roughly dub’ty [twenty] members, is said to soon grow with dozens more emerging from the innards of the desert. From their war-focused culture they formed a structured hierarchy; their wargoth Kezmur’Vinteki has dub lesser wargoths; Gazdul’Vinteki agh Klog’Vinteki — and I was able to meet the latter.


“Yes, we are focused on wagh—” he blah’d me. “agh thus besides Krug we only worship Enrohk” he explained. Indeed, their clan culture seems focused on being “the very best at wagh”. Still, orcs from their clan who have been engaging with the rest of the Horde were seen tending to other shrines agh praising all great ancestors; as is the orcish way.

A Vinteki Targoth

Ash of those Vinteki’s who immediately meddled themselves with the Iron Horde is Apek’Vinteki, who claimed the Targoth position after Grimruk’Lur decided to let others try their hands at leading the Krug-hai [orcish military].

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The new Targoth made his intentions clear; “I want to improve the orcs as a nation, especially military-wise—” agh blahing of the Covenant agh their allies; “—agh ZKAH on dem in this wagh.

Concerns were raised with Apek being a new member to the Iron Horde, agh indeed very young— to which he replied; “I have a lot of experience klomping, leading waghs— from duels agh banditism.”

Of course, those who still feel like he is unworthy are welcome to take away his responsibilities after a klomp for his position.



Celia’nor leaves The League

Concerning the war which opposes the Covenant of Five agh its allies —frankly most of Aevos— against The League of Veletz agh their loyal orcish allies.

After dub victories for the Covenant, many on Veletz’ side felt overwhelmed; the numbers of the Covenant’s armies as well as their devastating siege weapons have taken a great toll on League forces. Celia’nor, which has sided with Veletz to honour a pact, has found themselves unable to uphold their side of the alliance. On the First Seed of last Cactus Week [Friday], Princess Illyra backtracked on her decision to engage Celia’nor into the wagh.

The decision takes place in a time of great turmoil for the young elven nation —Celia’nor was restored in ash’kint’H’ty’gakh— ; agh the aforementioned Illyra has faced a strong illness which made her unable to rule.


Though the succession is not yet established, I could blah with the current leader agh heir to the throne, Illthrak Ibarellan. “Of course I do not like the decision to leave this alliance. But my Haelun had to make a choice for the sake of our people. It still pains me to think about it.” he explained that they had no choice but to flee the wagh; “We really must ensure our people are safe: we were at the verge of total destruction! — And we had nothing to gain from this war. We were only dragged in because of a pact.”
Though I would argue the glory of honouring a pact is always a gain worth countless bloodshed, it seems elves have different morals— agh I can only condone the will to defend ash’s own people.




Spiritualism beyond Krugmar

Spiritualism is often associated with orcs— agh indeed, it is a pillar of orcish culture. Yet, it is not exclusive to our glorious nation. Many elves also worship the spirits, agh the members of the shamanic Lodge were recently invited to a blahference hosted by the elven elder shaman, Ember;


“As Farseer, as a speaker of our spirits, I deliver a small message, an advice, or maybe a lesson to those who come with doubts of the spirits.” she began.
“Myself, and I’m sure many of you have experienced the fury of the spirits. Though we understand it, many argue that the spirits must be evil tyrants, and that no benevolent deities would endanger their own followers and practitioners”“And in their perspective, they are probably correct; what would you say of rulers if you saw only their fury, pride and egocentrism? They would be tyrants and evil-doers in your eyes, and you would be right.”

“This is what this sermon is about; Perspective.” She paused for a moment. “As a shaman, I have endured many methods in which the spirits punish, teach, and bless us. Every spirit —and every shaman— has their unique method, no two being the same.” “To us, the spirits are no tyrants, for we have faith in what they give and what they take. But as farseers —and shamans— it is our duty to show the confused and sceptical that spirits, like what they think of their gods, are good deities; by giving praise to them they may treasure us with their blessings.”“But no blessing comes free and —shaman or not— it starts with seeing the spirits in the right light, in the right perspective.”

“I hope this talk convinced you that perspective means all.” she concluded. “I hope that with this in mind you may change your perspectives too, to better learn of the spirits, their stories and their blessings.”


[A paragraph protrudes from the usual formatting, as if hastily added onto the last article]

Though this is probably unrelated to Ember’s blah, I was informed that former Azulyte shamans —who were absent at the blahference— have turned their backs against the spirits to worship (possibly) the Dread Primarch. The situation is still uncertain, but azh thing is clear; they abandoned, insulted, betrayed the spirits, agh for that they must die. Do not expect updates on this from the Kaktuz Weekli, for the Lodge will surely quickly deal with those fools.



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“I love reading my own words” ember snickered as she read the kaktuz weekly 


(Ty fo the inclusion <3)

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Hozh artikle Gharak bezt reportar ob de horde

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An Azulyte cackles madly at the paper. And holds it up for others to see. 


"They ******* think we're the Luaranytes! Oh Iblees bless us. Continue forward with OPERATION SHATTERED MOON." 


"And let's keep ransacking shrines and gathering mana."

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A particularly tempermental Azulyte clenched the paper in a taloned hand,


"What is this bull? Don't associate me with my kin who willingly become slaves of the moon! Disgusting, I would never worship a tyrant spirit for a day in my life!"

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