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An Official Response from the Hyspian Crown


Issued by the Viceroyal Crown

14th of Horen’s Calling, 87 D.R.



The Viceroyalty of Hyspia does not approve nor endorse the actions of Alexander Llopis and the Hyspian medic. Both missives are not official documents from the government. Neither Alexander Llopis nor the Hyspian physician are members of the Viceroy’s Council. Neither of them approached the government regarding these matters. 


Posting bounties without the approval of the Hyspian Crown is against the law. Taking official action without consultation and consent from the Monarch and the Consejo, is henceforth a CRIME. 

Thus, Alexander Llopis, charged on two accounts, and by the order of His Highness, Cesar II, shall be:

I.  Suspended from all active service duties in the Orden de Francisco for four Saint’s Weeks. After suspension he may re-enlist into the Order at the discretion of the Colonel. However, he shall be required to participate in the defense of Hyspia when called upon, as a citizen militia during this time.

II.  Required to pay a two hundred mina fine for his actions. This fine is due within three Saint’s days. Failure to pay will result in imprisonment for five Saint’s Weeks.

III. Required to rescind all bounties on the capture of Paladins and the Knights of Xan. 

Furthermore, the Hyspian physician who published such a scathing missive accusing the Paladins of theft, shall be censured. The Paladins have been granted access in Hyspia at the approval of the Viceroyal Crown. They had offered their assistance in investigating the recent Darkspawn attacks that had befallen Hyspian citizens. The Order of the Saint Jude of Holy Mother Church is also providing assistance in investigating the Darkspawn.

The Viceroyalty of Hyspia DOES NOT endorse the persecution of Paladins. No charges, nor accusations are brought against them on behalf of Hyspia. The Knights of Xan are still permitted to enter within the territories of Hyspia to assist us against the darkspawn threat. 




HIS HIGHNESS, Cesar II de Pelear, 

Viceroy of Hyspia, Duke of Pacazu, Baron of Arenisca and Del’mar, Lord of Ladorada, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Gran Maestre of El Orden de Francisco, Protector of the Hyspian People, Protector of the Farfolk, Patriarch of House de Pelear 


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Elena of Joma, Paladin of the Morninglord gave out a sigh of relief upon seeing this missive. "I am glad all of this has been settled. Reckless lies and hasty actions can spread like wildfire but the truth never spreads as far or as fast." She pointed out to several of her comrades. @rukio@riorr @wooz

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"Kill all Paladins." Said Ellenore Eiriksson, High Keeper of the Red Faith.

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