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Searching for Pen Pals

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[!] This missive would be found from town to town, with no clear consistancy or pattern. It is however well written. [!]




I'm an aspiring scholar in search of fame through bookwriting, and I figured to make a chaotic gesture of trying to start pen-pals. The world is a chaotic place, and the art of letters gives a safety net to understanding people prior to meeting them. I'm studying the Arcassian Inferi currently, and I am actively trying to understand more about Archeology and Paleontology though I wish to cover many more subjects. Maybe this effort is in vain, but everything is worth a shot.


Kind regards,

Alejandra de Alcaide


[OOC: It's time to try and abuse the aviary plugin like holding 16 consistant chats with different people.

I've also been alerted of a fear of using expensive paper, go resource island and cut down sugarcane. It's free.]

[Directions: /Aviary Send WhatTheDoggDoin -> Alejandra de Alcaide]


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A disgruntled and foul Owl, at heights greater than ten-foot, seated himself upon a large acre throne. Filled with years of boredom and evil, he decided to indulge in being a pen-pal with a lesser creature, an unequal life-form.  With a lofted talon, the Owl decided to write back in return. 


"To Miss Alejandra de Alcaide . . ."


The Owl's wings bristled and curled, as he continued to write his letter.



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A little newt squeals at the sight of the missive. His trinkets jingling as he bounds over to the paper container and obtains a sheet. Gathering his quill, he begins to sketch... not yet making any words. He appeared focused, as focused as a sorvian could be at least.

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