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[Hiring] Bartenders needed!

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[!] A notice is posted around the Kingdom of Vikela, and other random locations. 


Seeking Bartender for Stir It Up Tavern within Vikela


Are you celebrated for your skill in crafting drinks that delight, and your calm demeanor, even in the liveliest tavern nights? If so, an exciting opportunity awaits you at Stir It Up Tavern!


Position Available: Bartender


Location: Stir It Up Tavern, nestled within the heart of Vikela,


Job Requirements: As the lifeblood of our tavern, your primary duty will be to serve drinks with flair and charm.  If you need help learning how to make said drinks, the past barkeeper Andria will teach you how to do so.  You'll take home 50% of your earnings, ensuring that your efforts are duly rewarded.


How to Apply: Send a letter or come in person to meet any of these people, Queen Medea, Consort Walter Blanc, or Minister Andria.  


Additional Notes: While your main focus will be on tending the bar, if you possess the flair for event hosting, we welcome you to speak up!. Whether it's a night of merry music or a storytelling session to enchant our guests, your contributions will be appreciated.



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